The Oscar-winning director has been busy on these expensive ads.

Matthew McConaughey in an ad for Doritos 3D

Damien Chazelle hasn’t directed a movie since First Man (although he did direct episodes of the Netflix series The Eddy), and while he has his next movie Babylon on the horizon, we all have to find ways to keep busy and preferably get paid while doing it, so the Whiplash helmer has been at work on a couple of Super Bowl ads. It turns out that Doritos is bringing back its 3D Doritos (launched in 1998 and quietly discontinued in the early 2000s) and that pitch involves a flat Matthew McConaughey. It’s a cute ad and I think it works better than the deadly serious ads where McConaughey is hocking luxury cars. There should be more ads where McConaughey is attacked by a Roomba.

The other ad flips Dolly Parton’s hit song “9 to 5” into “5 to 9” to try and lure in people who are looking to start small businesses with the help of a website from Squarespace. Again, it’s a cute ad, and if Parton rewriting and singing that hit song involved her getting paid, I’m all for it. These ads are both cute and inoffensive, and I’m sure they’ll get a sensible chuckle from the millions of people who watch the Super Bowl on Sunday (go Chiefs).

Check out the new ads from Damien Chazelle below. No word yet on when he plans to get to work on Babylon, but the film, which set in the 1920s and stars Brad Pitt and Margot Robbie, is set to release in late 2022.

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