Future State just teased the eventual fate of one of the Seven Soldiers of Victory, and it’s a brutal way to go out.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for the story “The Beginning of the End” from Future State: Suicide Squad #1 by Jeremy Adams, Fernando Pasarin, Oclair Albert, Jeromy Cox & Wes Abbott, on sale now.

Future State has broken many of the traditional bonds of the DC Universe, with former friends and family members lashing out at each other in surprising ways. But perhaps the most brutal is revealed to happen far in the future to one of Marvel’s most notorious mystics.

The distant future teased for the Justice Legion from Future State reveals that the future version of Teekl will eventually turn on Klarion, killing him and apparently even eating his remains.

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Teekl is consistently seen alongside Klarion the Witch-Boy, one of DC’s most mischievous and powerful magic-users. Klarion has shifted from hero to villain over the years and always maintains his sense of malice despite his occasional time working with heroes, such as his brief period as one of the Seven Soldiers. The mystical animal Teekl is Klarion’s familiar and shares a deep bond with the morally ambiguous sorcerer. Teekl is capable of impressive abilities, including transforming from their natural size and shape into a fierce tiger — or even a humanoid/tiger hybrid. Teekl has also been shown to be quick-tempered and even violent at times, occasionally lashing out in rage not just at Klarion’s enemies but his few allies as well.

Many aspects of Teekl — even their gender — has been tweaked and changed over the years, but their commitment to Klarion has remained a constant. However, Future State teases that won’t always be the case. In the distant DC future of the 853rd Century, the mystical powerhouse known as the Unkindness has turned its wraith onto the galaxy. The Unkindness hasn’t arrived alone, either. It turns out the mystic has also rallied a group of powerful figures from across the DC Universe, effectively making their own team of deadly magic users. One of them is Teekl, now in the form of a tiger. But on top of that, the caption hints that Teekl’s transformation came at the cost of Klarion, who Teekl killed and devoured.

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Klarion Teekl

It’s a frightening fate for Klarion, who has learned to trust no one except Teekl. For the familiar to turn on Klarion suggests an eventual change in the character that even Teekl couldn’t abide by. Now freed of Klarion and truly any soul, Teekl is able to help the Unkindness ravage all of creation — even seemingly embracing the powers of the Lords of Chaos and helping bring about the end of entire universes. It’s not explained what fully happened to Klarion, or whether destroying Klarion was a means to an end or just a personal decision.

Either way, Klarion had better hope the Future State era can be countered or even prevented, otherwise, the time will eventually come for Klarion to suffer his most gut-wrenching end– both figuratively and literally.

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