Take the case on PS5 and Xbox Series X this spring.

A screenshot from Judgment

Something like 20 seconds into the trailer for the forthcoming remastered, next-gen version of Judgment, I screamed, “This is for me!” I love a damn detective thriller, and to cross this all with a playable legal drama that also has over-the-top combat from the team behind acclaimed action-RPG series Yakuza is simply too much for my excitement meter to bear.

Judgment was originally released in 2019 for the PlayStation 4, and the Yakuza spinoff that followed folks on the other side of the law received consistent critical acclaim, becoming a cult hit on the process. But now, a new version is coming to PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and S, and Google Stadia, featuring improved 4K visuals, all existing DLC, and a consistent 60 FPS frame rate. If you, like me, haven’t dove into the case at the center of Judgment yet, but are beyond excited to based on this trailer, this looks to be the version to play.

The remastered, next-gen version of Judgment comes to PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and Stadia April 23 (the original version is still available on PS4). Check out the trailer and official story synopsis below.

A lawyer pulls off a miracle, only to have the verdict cost him everything. Now, as a string of murders casts a shroud over the city and the law begins to fail, justice cannot afford to be blind.The son of a murdered lawyer, Takayuki Yagami was raised on the streets of Kamurocho by a yakuza patriarch who paves the way for Yagami to follow in his real father’s footsteps. Taking a job at the Genda Law Office, Yagami accepts a high-profile case: Proving Shinpei Okubo, a man suspected of murder, innocent.Against all odds, Yagami succeeds and is hailed as a hero, but his prolific career is short-lived. Only months later, Okubo brutally murders his girlfriend, stabbing her over ten times with a kitchen knife before setting their apartment on fire.Yagami becomes the lawyer who let a murderer walk – and everything he had worked for comes crashing down.Three years later, Yagami has taken off his lawyer’s badge to run a small detective agency in the red-light district of Kamurocho, scraping by on odd jobs and evidence collection.But even a city as seedy as this is shaken by a string of serial murders, where the victims’ bodies are discovered with their eyes gouged out. Yagami is drawn into the case by his old law firm, where he discovers that in order to bring this killer to light, he must seek the truth that slipped from his grasp three years ago. But can a man haunted by his failures prevail over his own past?

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