Art Director Tomonori Takano has answered our prayers.


Ever since the public debut of Lady Dimitrescu, the tall, well-dressed, Gothic woman featured in Resident Evil Village marketing, denizens of the Internet have been fawning all over her and her lovely, deadly daughters. The memes are legion; the deviantart doth overflow (and we can’t really show off most of them here, so careful with those searches.) And it’s all in good fun and with good reason. We really haven’t seen a Resident Evil antagonist like this before, so powerful, so feminine, and so gorgeously gargantuan that the mind simply boggles at the fan-fiction possibilities.

Capcom and the Resident Evil Village creative team are well aware that the world is smitten with Lady Dimitrescu and her brood, to the point that, well, we’ll take just about any bit of information we can get. The characters have already spawned fan art, cosplay, and memes aplenty, even before we knew their names or anything about them. The reveal of Lady Dimitrescu’s regal moniker was cause for celebration since artists everywhere were finally able to put a name to the meme beyond simply “tall vampire lady.” But still, fans have been wondering just how tall the “tall vampire lady” actually was, with little context released in the Resident Evil Village trailer to clue us in. Fret not. The game’s art director Tomonori Takano has put this one to rest (until it lives again.)

Here’s how Capcom broke the news (but not our hearts):


For most of the characters in the Resident Evil canon, Lady Dimitrescu is almost twice as tall or at least half-again as tall as they are. Those are mostly our human heroes, of course, so one wonders if Lady Dimitrescu’s popular proportions stem from one of many mutations within the RE universe, or if she’s merely a “big woman.” If she is, or was, once merely human, she’d be the tallest woman to have ever lived, by far, and maybe even the tallest person, ever (perhaps; there’s a little bit of wiggle room since we’re including her hat and high heels, which some of the fan art has left out completely…)

Even among mutants like Mr. X, Nemesis, various Tyrants, and even Thanatos, Lady Dimitrescu dwarfs them. That’s impressive stuff. And considering the fact that most Resident Evil baddies have multiple stages where they grow (and grow, and grow), there’s a good chance we’ll get to see the good Lady of the Night rise to even loftier heights.

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