The toy is so large you can fit four of the original ThunderTanks from LJN Toys inside.


I feel like there are two types of people in this world: Those who love ThunderCats and everyone else. While I can’t be sure why certain people love Lion-O and the Sword of Omens, I’m willing to bet it has to do with your age. Like some of you, I saw the cartoon as a kid and was immediately hooked. Not only did the main character start off as a kid (like me), he was magically transformed into a superhero and could kick everyone’s ass with a magic sword that could call his friends to him when he was in trouble. And don’t get me started on the incredible theme song.

While the cartoon lasted a few seasons and had its share of fans, ThunderCats never really took off in terms of toys and merchandising. It was one of those properties that you could always pick up a t-shirt, but it was slim pickings on everything else.

But that all changes today.

Super7 has just started pre-selling their ThunderCats ThunderTank and it is the best “toy” from the show I’ve ever seen. The massive vehicle is 27” long and 17” wide! Not only can the vehicle carry up to six ThunderCats figures from Super7’s ThunderCats line, but you could also fit four of the original ThunderTanks from LJN Toys inside. If you’re a ThunderCats fan and have always wanted to own the ThunderTank, this is the one you should buy.


According to Super7, the vehicle has:

  • Working rubber tank treads
  • Rolling wheels with steel axles
  • Articulated jaw
  • Articulated arms reveal hidden cannons
  • Forehead panel reveals hidden cannon
  • 2 different windshields – Armored for battle mode & Clear for aquatic mode
  • Opening cargo bay doors
  • Seating for 6 Super7 ThunderCats 7″ Ultimates figures
  • Removable, swiveling turret
  • Highly detailed cockpit
  • Highly detailed wall paneling
  • Thundrillium storage container
  • Cartoon accurate deco

Unlike most toys that are on store shelves everywhere, this vehicle is being made for adult collectors, priced at $450, and is currently doing a pre-order which ends on April 2, 2021. Super7 says delivery is expected in Q1 2022. What that means is they are placing one order to whoever is manufacturing the ThunderTank with the exact amount they need to make it as cost-effective for everyone involved. Currently pre-orders can only be made by people in the United State & Puerto Rico, but they are working to open it up to international customers soon.

Check out a ton of images from the Super7 ThunderTank below.



thundertank-super7-thundercats-image-1 (1)
thundertank-super7-thundercats-image-1 (1)
thundertank-super7-thundercats-image-1 (1)



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