Violet has always been the outsider in The Incredibles, and this Reddit fan theory explains it could be because she isn’t a Parr at all.

The Incredibles are one of the most beloved Pixar families, but a Reddit fan theory makes a convincing argument that changes the way viewers may look at them. Daughter Violet has always been portrayed as the outsider of the family, and this theory explains how this could be because she’s actually related to Edna Mode, not the Parr family.

In the 2004 Pixar hit, The Incredibles are a superhero family undercover as a “normal” suburban family. The fan theory argues that father and son, Bob and Dash, both have blonde hair, and Dash shares his mother’s straight, narrow nose. However, Violet looks very different from the rest of her family, having jet black hair and a rounded nose. She also has bags under eyes, which is a key facial characteristic that she shares with super suit designer and family friend, Edna Mode. Because of this, the theory suggests that the resemblance is due to Edna being Violet’s birth mother.

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The theory recognizes that resemblance is not enough to argue heredity, but a closer look into Edna’s backstory could explain how Violet came into the Parr family. Edna retired from designing super suits 15 years before the start of The Incredibles, when the government banned Supers. Violet is 14-years-old in the first film, meaning that Edna could have been pregnant with Violet right when Supers were banned, putting her daughter at risk.

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Once Violet was born and Edna saw she had superpowers, she knew the government would be keeping a close eye on a new Super, especially one whose mother had close ties to an expansive network of known heroes. Edna decided that the best plan was to give her baby girl to the Super family she trusted the most: the Parrs. As Supers already in the government’s program for retired heroes, they would provide a stable and loving life for Violet since they were safely undercover. Violet being her daughter might also prove why Edna agreed to come out of retirement for Bob and design him a new, cape-less super suit.

There is some merit to this theory, since personality-wise Edna does not seem like someone who’d want to be a parent. Edna is a worldly woman who already has a lot on her plate, and being a mother is likely not even on her radar. However, fans know from the films that she has a big heart underneath those iconic glasses, which align with the idea that she would do everything to keep her daughter safe. Interestingly enough, Violet resents being a superhero and longs to be normal, which might harken back to how her theoretical birth mother is normal and how she is theoretically not related to the superhero family.

Not much is said about Edna ‘s personal life, like what her romantic history included, which would be needed to further back up this theory. Instead, a far more likely explanation for why Violet looks so different from the rest of her family is that it is the physical manifestation of how different her personality is. Violet is shown to be a wallflower at school and home, and black hair and baggy eyes have come to be typical traits for loners in popular media.

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While the rest of her family is outgoing and personable, Violet shies away from the spotlight. Mr. Incredible and Dash thrive on attention, and Elastigirl maneuvers situations with poise and charm. Meanwhile, Violet often uses her invisibility powers to avoid social interactions.

Her black hair and baggy eyes also represent her pessimistic attitude, another differing trait from the can-do attitude of the rest of her family. She often dwells on the darker side of a situation, and Violet’s looks are just one more way that the film suggests she is on a different narrative journey than the other Parrs.

While it is an interesting theory to picture Edna as Violet’s mom, there isn’t enough substantial evidence to uphold its merit. For instance, there was never any allusion to Edna being related to Violet in the way she interacted with the family. The two simply share an “outsider’s” resemblance as a way of showing their individuality against a terrain of wholesome superheroes.

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