In Savage Avengers, there’s a new inheritor to one of Marvel’s most unimpressive legacies, and he’s living down to his name.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Savage Avengers #17, by Gerry Duggan, Kev Walker, Java Tartaglia and VC’s Travis Lanham, on sale now.

The Savage Avengers have been traveling the globe, culling every part of the evil sorcerer Kulan Gath’s operations that they can, as well as gathering anything of value in the fight against him. Conan and his team have recently acquired a powerful amulet from an Asgardian dragon, but the Cimmerian finds himself locked up after a night of partying. And Conan just so happens to be in jail when Knull’s King in Black of the planet, and he has no intention of staying put.

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Thankfully, he’s sharing a cell with one of the most useful heroes there is, Deadpool. He’s also sharing that cell with the new Night-Flyer, the latest inheritor to one of Marvel’s most ineffective villain legacies.

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It doesn’t take long for Conan to introduce himself to Deadpool after seeing him heal almost instantly from a broken wrist from an overzealous guard. After some brief banter, Conan is ready to put his quick thinking to action in order to get them out, and he smashes Deadpool’s face through the iron bars of their cell door. Once Deadpool’s head is through, it’s just a matter of kicking the rest of him out to the other side where he can get the keys and set the rest of them free.

As all of this is going on, another prisoner approaches them and introduces himself as Night Flyer, who makes the dubious claim that he could be useful to them in their escape.

The original Night Flyer first appeared in 1977’s Captain America #213, by Jack Kirby. When a wounded Captain America and Falcon are guarding a defector, the hang-gliding villain swoops in to carry out an assassination, which he does with relative ease after a scrap with the Falcon. Of course, the defector that Night Flyer killed was only a dummy decoy, and the villain was taken into custody before he died. In 1981’s Incredible Hulk #264, by Bill Mantlo and Sal Buscema, the original Night Flyer resurrected as a clone by the Corruptor in order to hunt down the Hulk. This incarnation of the Night Flyer was killed in the same issue by the Hulk when the hero crushed his signature high tech hang glider, which this Night Flyer was physically grafted to.

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Despite that ignoble legacy, neither Conan nor Deadpool had heard of the Night Flyer. However, the three made it out of the prison and into the open, where they’ve come under attack from Knull’s symbiote dragons just like the rest of the world. The odds are stacked against them in truly terrifying fashion, and in the heat of battle, the Night Flyer is more than happy to let the others know that he might not be cut out for this particular fight.

While it’s yet to be seen what this Night Flyer can do in a crisis, it seems like this Marvel villain might not be cut out for the task in front of him.

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