An update from George R. R. Martin said he’s made progress in The Winds of Winter, the next book in the work that spawned Game of Thrones.

Author George R.R. Martin has a major update on The Winds of Winter, the next novel in the series that inspired Game of Thrones: hundreds of pages have been written in the past year, but there are still many more to go.

This reveal came from Martin’s official blog, in a post titled “Reflections on a Bad Year” in which he looked back on 2020, the pandemic, the election and some personal losses. In the update, he asked himself what was good about last year, the answer to which was his work. “I wrote hundreds and hundreds of pages of THE WINDS OF WINTER in 2020,” he said, also calling it his best year of working on the sixth A Song of Ice and Fire installment.

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Martin could not say if the reason for his progress was pandemic-related isolation or because he was on a roll. At any rate, he acknowledged he has much left to do. “I need to keep rolling, though,” he noted. “I still have hundreds of more pages to write to bring the novel to a satisfactory conclusion.” He hopes he will get as much done in 2021.

However, Martin has made it clear that he will make no predictions as to when he will finish. Given how anticipated this novel is, fans on the internet are quick to see any prediction as a promise. As a result, they “wait eagerly to crucify [Martin] when [he misses] the deadline.” For now, all Martin will say that he is hopeful.

A Song of Ice and Fire was first published in 1996 with A Game of Thrones, and has spawned four sequels, A Clash of KingsA Storm of SwordsA Feast for Crows and A Dance With Dragons. It was adapted into the hit fantasy television series using the first book’s title in 2011. Game of Thrones ran on HBO until 2019.

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