It has come to light that Mass Effect: Legendary Edition is skipping the multiplayer that many fans adored in Mass Effect 3, here’s what that means.

The upcoming Mass Effect: Legendary Edition offers new and prior players the chance to explore the first three Mass Effect titles in remastered glory, but it’s missing one major component. The Legendary Edition will not include Mass Effect 3‘s multiplayer mode in the remastered series. Typically regarded as a hidden gem and one of Mass Effect 3‘s best features, multiplayer will be absent so that the single-player experience can shine.

The Mass Effect series was primarily developed by BioWare and published first by Microsoft Studios and then Electronic Arts. Originally an Xbox exclusive franchise, the series made its first appearance on other platforms with Mass Effect 2.

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Mass-Effect 3 Multiplayer Mission

Most who’ve played Mass Effect 3‘s multiplayer will attest to a well-executed and unexpectedly enjoyable experience. Players could band together with up to three friends to take on waves of enemy forces and complete objectives. While fighting against Reaper, Geth, Cerberus and Collector forces, players would be tasked with assassinating key targets, holding designated positions, retrieving high-priority packages, escorting drones or disabling enemy technology. Missions were composed of ten waves, with objectives appearing at the third, sixth and final wave.

Participating in and completing multiplayer missions rewarded players both in the multiplayer mode and single-player. Credits earned could be used to purchase item packs that’d include new weapons, characters or equipment. These all could increase how well players fared in future missions. Perhaps most remarkable was how the multiplayer factored into the single-player content.

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Mass Effect Multiplayer Lobby

Completing missions would increase a player’s Galactic Readiness rating. Once the rating reached a specific point, a character could be “promoted” and converted into War Assets reflected in the campaign. These War Assets added to the preparedness of the galaxy for the eventual final battle against the Reapers. Participating in the multiplayer and successfully increasing War Assets would directly affect how well the galaxy performs during the final conflict and the ending a player receives. Without the inclusion of multiplayer in Mass Effect 3, players will undoubtedly have their work cut out for themselves.

While the multiplayer was optional, it was a much easier way to amass War Assets than what was offered exclusively through single-player. BioWare has commented on the intense task of bringing the multiplayer to Legendary Edition, saying, “At some point, we had to draw a line.” Whether this is strictly because of the difficulties associated with reintroducing the multiplayer in a time with different expectations and standards for multiplayer games or because the team may be focusing on a successor to Mass Effect 3‘s multiplayer in Mass Effect 4 remains to be seen.

Though it’ll be absent from Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, Mass Effect 3‘s multiplayer still has a devout following and player base that keep the mode alive today. Players that want to experience Mass Effect cooperatively with some friends will have to do so with a non-Legendary copy of Mass Effect 3 or through Mass Effect: Andromeda; at least until more is revealed about whether multiplayer will make a return in Mass Effect 4.

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