In the Star Wars Galaxy’s distant past, Keeve Trennis just became a Jedi Knight, and her insecurities come to light in Star Wars: The High Republic.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Star Wars: The High Republic #2 by Cavan Scott, Ario Anindito, Mark Morales, Annalisa Leoni, and VC’s Ariana Maher, on sale now.

Everyone gets those new job jitters, even Jedi. Keeve Trennis was only a Padawan when she was introduced in Star Wars: The High Republic #1, but now she has been knighted as a fully-fledged Jedi of the Order. It should be a great source of pride and accomplishment for her.

However, all she can seem to think about in Star Wars: The High Republic #2 on her first Jedi Knight mission is is how she measures up to the other, more accomplished, members of the Jedi Order. But the mission ended up proving that Keeve has more skill than she gives herself credit for.

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Shortly after being knighted, Keeve was assigned to investigate a distress signal that reached the Starlight Beacon. Accompanying her on this mission is her master, Sskeer, and the Kotabi, twin brothers who shared the same gestalt mind. It should have been an exciting moment for her, yet all Keeve could do was worry about proving that her masters’ faith in her was not misplaced. And having not just her former teacher, but two living legends breathing over her shoulder on this mission (at least from her perspective) was not soothing her nerves.

While not much is known about the twins, Keeve’s comments indicate that the duo is extremely respected within the Order. So for them to be here is probably making Keeve feel both that she is being babysat while also the need to prove herself to them. As luck would have it though, Keeve’s first mission went much better for her than it did for two “living legends” of the Jedi Order.

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Arriving at the source of the beacon, they find a freighter having been mostly destroyed, with only a portion remaining pressurized enough to be boarded. Inside, the Jedi find evidence of another Nihil attack, yet no sign of the life forms they detected through their ship’s sensors. As it turns out, their hope of rescuing civilians caught up in the attack was dashed when it turned out to be an abandoned Nihil, who managed to injure Terec with some kind of buckshot weapon. But the fact that it was the master and not the newly knighted Jedi to get injured on the mission speaks volumes for Keeve’s skills already.

They knew right away that the Nihil was responsible for the slaughter, the poison gas being a signature move of theirs. And logically, if there were still lifeforms on board, there was always the chance that it would be the Nihil. In fact, it would most likely be the Nihil, as they come equipped to survive gas attacks. And yet one of the legends of the Jedi was injured in a surprise attack whereas the knight remained safe, even managing to find clues about where this ship was coming from and why it might have been attacked in the first place. Keeve may be having doubts about measuring up to her superiors, but so far, they seem to be having a hard time measuring up to her.

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