While Servant is full of tense relationships, two characters who usually butt heads are developing an unlikely friendship.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Servant Season 2, Episode 4, “2:00,” which aired Friday on Apple TV+.

In the last episode of Servant, Dorothy Turner, with the help of her husband Sean and brother Julian, planned and executed an intricately planned pizza delivery infiltration to locate absconding nanny Leanne Turner. However, the plan took a dark turn when Leanne fell unconscious after eating drugged pizza, which Dorothy claimed responsibility for. Much to the horror of her accomplices, Dorothy ordered Sean’s commis chef Tobe to kidnap Leanne and bring her to their brownstone.

In this week’s episode, “2:00,” Leanne is held prisoner in the Turners’ attic. Dorothy hopes to “deprogram” the strange youth from her cult beliefs, and she begins a campaign of increasingly violent interrogations to wrangle Jericho’s location out of Leanne. Despite the antagonistic status quo between the ex-employers and employee, Leanne gains an unlikely ally in someone whom she had a very contentious relationship with in the previous season: Sean Turner.

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Sean and Leanne got off to a rough start during Servant’s first season. Right out of the gate, Leanne had seemingly cursed Sean with a mysterious illnesses after he disposed of one of her straw crucifixes. He was also openly antagonistic towards her at times during his initial investigations into her past.

As the season progressed and Leanne became disillusioned with Dorothy, her relationship with Sean became more developed due to her usefulness. She often taste-tested food for him, and since her presence seemed to bring back Jericho, this assuaged Dorothy and Sean’s repressed grief. However, after Dorothy found out the truth about Jericho, their relationship soured once more, and she left them.

In “2:00,” the imprisoned Leanne asks to speak with Sean, but Dorothy denies her. Although Dorothy forbids Sean from speaking with her, he unlocks Leanne’s door and allows her to shower, returns her Bible and cooks for her. In return, Leanne seemingly uses her Bible to “un-curse” Sean, with his taste and feeling returning and the two bonding over a charcuterie board. When Dorothy buries Leanne alive in the wine cellar, Sean even saves Leanne’s life.

This friendship is beneficial for them both. Since they know the horrible truth about Jericho, their respective baggage seems less daunting, and they are able to be themselves around each other, much like Sean’s relationship with his brother-in-law Julian. It also makes the kidnapping situation more palatable for both parties, especially given Dorothy’s cruel interrogations.

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However, this friendship is also precarious, as it is still based on the paradoxical fate of Jericho and its implications on Dorothy’s well-being. Despite Sean knowing that Jericho died, he is convinced that Leanne has somehow brought a baby into their lives, whether or not it is a resurrected Jericho.

Leanne won’t bring back Jericho and wants Sean to tell Dorothy the truth, while Sean wants Leanne to help him bring his son back to protect Dorothy and his own grief, which has become more prominent this season. This conflict, exacerbated by Dorothy’s actions at the close of the episode, unfortunately keeps these characters at odds despite their growing affection for one another.

Starring Lauren Ambrose, Toby Kebbell, Nell Tiger Free and Rupert Grint, the second season of Servant airs every Friday on Apple TV+.

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