As the Super Sons continue their wild adventure, Jon Kent and Damian Wayne need to use all their weapons to take out their greatest enemy.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Challenge of the Super Sons #7 by Peter J. Tomasi, Max Raynor, Luis Guerrero, and Rob Leigh, on sale now.

Challenge of the Super Sons continues to provide fans with a rollicking ride, providing comedic insight into the childish adventures of Jon Kent and Damian Wayne. Here, they’ve been using the Doom Scroll, a reverse Death Note book, and after some time-hopping they’ve dedicated their time to saving various Justice League members from sinister traps set in the past by Vandal Savage.

But in Challenge of the Super Sons #7, Savage strikes back when he takes their mage and temporal guide, Rora, hostage, demanding the scroll be given back. Thankfully, the junior version of the World’s Finest can use their greatest weapons to take the immortal out.

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Superboy’s incensed as he hates bullies, but as he tries to melt Savage’s knife, the tyrant makes it clear Nth-metal doesn’t turn to liquid so easily. But it does peel skin off bones, and if they don’t have over the relic, Rora and the boys will taste the blade. Shockingly, Robin obliges, directing him to the outer compartment of the Supermobile. As Savage rummages through, though, Robin’s plan is revealed to be quite sly because his Death Balloon is right by the immortal’s head. Jon realizes what’s up and blows it up with a heat blast, causing the poison to suffocate Savage. Damian quickly rushes in and takes Rora away to safety while Jon starts pummelling Savage. Unfortunately, Savage gets the upper-hand, only to be smashed by the Supermobile.

It turns out the balloon was a mere distraction and as the vehicle charges into Savage, its robotic hands smack him from the back and send him flying. It then starts pounding and crushing him into the ground, with Robin enjoying every moment. As he tells Rora, this is the power of Superman… but in a car. However, as Jon intervenes to stop Robin from killing the villain, it’s discovered that Savage escaped. They’re a bit surprised but it’s understandable because not only does he have super-strength, he’s invulnerable too. It’s why he alone could take the poison to face, inhale it, and then get over it in a few seconds, not to mention why he could take the punches of the Man of Steel from the Supermobile. Ultimately, they’re glad for the win but they know he’s going to be back for Rora, as well as the scroll.

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It’s a testament to his resilience and the fact he partnered with Felix Faust in the past means he could pluck the sorcerer from the timeline to come after Rora, his ex-protege, once more. This will complicate the boys’ next mission, which the scroll reveals to be saving Cyborg, as they’ll now need eyes in the back of their heads, as well as on Rora.

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