Have you been watching The Crown on Netflix and thinking to yourself, “This is good, but I kinda wish it was a psychosexual suspense thriller with surreal, fraying edges”? Well you’re in look, hypothetical person (just kidding, it me), as the producers behind The Crown are back to give you a new Netflix limited series addiction: Behind Her Eyes, based on the acclaimed Sarah Pinborough novel. And based on this trailer, there’s quite a bit going on behind those peepers.

Simona Brown, a single mother, has found herself the perfect new job as an assistant to psychiatrist Tom Bateman. In fact, it’s a too little perfect, as the two begin an affair — despite Bateman being married to Eve Hewson, who is well on the way to forming a friendship with Brown! As this love triangle blasts forward, creepy-eepy things begin to reveal themselves, and it sure as heck looks like the three folks are about to unlock something they never should have. Something… supernatural.

Steve Lightfoot (Hannibal) and Angela LaManna (The Haunting of Bly Manor) adapted the Pinborough novel, and their horror bonafides are high on display in this atmospheric, tantalizing trailer. Executive producing the limited series are Jessica Burdett (who teased that “one thing we really wanted to do, was to give the audience a sense early on that this story isn’t straightforward”) and Suzanne Mackie (who teased that it is “ambitious and heightened and beautiful”).

Behind Her Eyes comes to Netflix February 17. Check out the official trailer, poster, and synopsis below.

Here’s the official synopsis:

Louise Barnsley is a young, single mum whose otherwise uneventful life is plagued by night terrors. But things take a turn when she becomes romantically involved with her handsome and mysterious boss, psychiatrist David Ferguson. To make matters more complicated, David also happens to be married to the beautiful, seemingly-perfect Adele.When Louise bumps into Adele by chance, they form a secret friendship and bond over Adele’s own history of nightmares. Adele learned to control hers years ago and wants to teach Louise to do the same with the help of instructions in an old journal written by Rob, a troubled friend from her past.As Louise reads through Rob’s journal and grows closer to the lonely and isolated Adele, she learns more about Adele’s complicated marriage and turbulent history filled with trauma and loss. She also learns about Adele’s friendship with Rob, who was once Adele’s closest friend during their stay at a psychiatric hospital but is now strangely absent. Adele had taught him the art of lucid dreaming – the ability to control his dreams.From there, the love triangle and web of lies unravels, exposing secrets with the help of the supernatural.

The poster for Netflix's Behind Her Eyes
Image via Netflix

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