Judomaster is, as you might have guessed, pretty good at Judo.

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The cast of Peacemaker, the eight-episode prequel to The Suicide Squad that James Gunn wrote out of boredom while in quarantine, continues to grow. Deadline reports that Nhut Le, a UCB graduate and regular on Kroll Show, has joined the cast as Judomaster.

The news continues Gunn’s longtime love of writing for the most obscure comic book characters possible. Judomaster is actually the name of three different characters, the first created at publisher Charlton Comics by writer Joe Gill and artist Frank McLaughlin for Special War Series in 1965. When the title “Judomaster” made the leap to DC, writer Paul Kupperberg and artist Michael Collins briefly gave it to an otherwise unnamed character who assisted the likes of Blue Beetle and Captain Atom in Justice League Quarterly. The third Judomaster, a woman named Sonia Sato, was brought to life in 2007 by writer Gail Simone and artist Nicola Scott for Birds of Prey. All three versions, as you might have guessed, are pretty dang good at Judo. Casting a comedic performer like Le, who you can see directly below as Inuit Andy on Kroll Show, tells you a bit about where Gunn’s Judomaster is headed.

John Cena stars as Peacemaker‘s title character, a mercenary who, according to the show’s official logline, “believes in peace at any cost — no matter how many people he has to kill to get it.” The cast also includes Danielle Brooks (Orange is the New Black), Robert Patrick (Terminator 2), and Chris Conrad (Patriot). Both Steve Agee and Jennifer Holland will reprise their roles from The Suicide Squad.

According to Gunn, Peacemaker began production in mid-January 2021. It will debut after The Suicide Squad, which hits theaters and HBO Max on August 6. For more on that film, here’s the recently-released official synopsis.

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