The latest episode of WandaVision aired another cryptic commercial, but this one makes a deadly callback to Captain America: Civil War.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for WandaVision Episode 5, now streaming on Disney+.

Throughout the first few episodes of WandaVision, fans have been parsing through the show’s events for clues as to why Wanda’s created the reality known as Westview. One enlightening aspect of the series has been the commercials that offer insight into Wanda’s ongoing grief, from the loss of her family to her issues with Tony Stark and Hydra.

Now, WandaVision’s latest episode houses a new commercial that calls back to one of her most traumatic moments in Captain America: Civil War.

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Bringing back the husband and wife from the first few commercials, this ad focuses on the Lagos paper towel brand. The woman is seen soaking up some red juice after her kids spill it on the table, only for her husband to knock over his beer glass on the kitchen counter. At first, they use a generic paper towel, but after that fails, they pull out Lagos brand, which does the job in an instant.

If the tagline “for when you make a mess you didn’t mean to” wasn’t enough to jog fans’ memories, Lagos is a location that a lot to do with Wanda’s trauma. After she officially became an Avenger, it was the location of the mission that opens Civil War that saw Steve Rogers take the team to the African city to bring down Crossbones. The villain and his Hydra remnants were trying to steal a biological weapon from the Institute for Infectious Diseases, but their plan is thwarted by Captain America, Wanda, Falcon and Black Widow.

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The mission starts off as a relative success, with the team taking down the enemy and Wanda venting some dangerous gas away from anyone it might harm. At this point, it seems like she’s truly become part of the team, but even as synced up as she is, she’s still not in full control of her powers. This becomes obvious when Crossbones blows himself up a few minutes later and Wanda tries to bottle the flames in a telekinetic pocket. Sadly, as she tries to move the explosion away from a crowd of people, she loses control and it goes off by a nearby building, inadvertently destroying some of it. The blast kills several civilians and 11 relief aid workers from Wakanda, which brings King T’Chaka and Prince T’Challa into the frame.

This incident is why T’Challa would side with General Ross about the Sokovia Accords, as he wants weapons like Wanda to be kept under watch and war criminals like Bucky Barnes, whom he thought blew his father up, placed in jail. Essentially, Wanda’s mistep made it clear to some that there needed to be an entity to watch over all the superpowered beings in the world, which drove a wedge between Captain America and Iron Man.

Politics aside, Wanda had immense guilt over what happened, which is why she stayed at Avengers Headquarters with Vision until Hawkeye busted her out. During her time at the facility, she and Vision really bonded and accepted, that despite their differences, they did truly love another. However, she had no choice but to turn on him and Team Stark, leaving Lagos as a clear trigger in her life. In truth, it’s the catalyst for the Avengers splitting up, Thanos murdering Vision and snapping half the world away and her resurrection into a world without her beloved.

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