The Pokémon series is a rare example of a franchise that’s only grown more popular over time and although it’s seen its dips in success, it’s still remained relevant and its current audience is larger than ever. The series has been able to grow and become more sophisticated through the years, but there’s still a lot of attention given to the strongest Pokémon from each new generation.

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Each new entry in the Pokémon franchise also brings rare and dangerous Legendary Pokémon into the fray. Legendary Pokémon are some of the most fascinating creatures from the Pokédex, but there are also many Pokémon that aren’t Legendary, but are often confused as such because of their strength or size.

10 Unown Has A Mysterious History And 28 Variants

Unown is a Pokémon that people seem to either love or loathe, but it certainly deserves points for creativity. Unown is a mysterious Pokémon that has 28 unique versions of itself that correspond to the different letters of the alphabet as well as some punctuation marks.

Unown isn’t exactly practical and is more of a strange novelty, which is the case with many Legendary Pokémon, which seem almost more ornamental in nature. Unown is also heavily featured in the third Pokémon movie, which is also an honor that tends to go to Legendaries, so it’s easy to get confused.

9 Froslass Is A Rare Hybrid That Reflects Japanese Folklore

Froslass is an unusual Ghost- and Ice-Type Pokémon that first appears in Generation IV, but doesn’t get a ton of attention. Froslass is one of the rarer Pokémon since it requires a Dawn Stone to evolve and an Ice/Ghost-Type hybrid is also not very common.

Additionally, Froslass pulls its inspiration from Japanese folklore and has a very austere design that doesn’t feel far off from other Legendary Pokémon like Celebi or Jirachi. In the end, it’s just a regular Pokémon that has built a reputation for itself because of how often it gets forgotten.

8 Salamence Is A Giant Dragon That Exudes Terror

Dragon-Type Pokémon are easy to confuse with Legendary Pokémon due to their massive size and strength. Back during the earliest generations, many assumed that Dragon Pokémon were Legendaries just because of their scarcity. More Dragon-Type Pokémon have come in each new generation, but Salamence embraces the traditional design of a terrifying reptilian beast.

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Shelgon evolves into Salamence at level 50, which is a feat in itself. However, those that have never raised a Salamence and just seen them in battle could easily assume that it’s a Legendary. This was even more likely back in Generation II when the Pokémon debuted.

7 Metagross Is A Fearsome Mass That Seems Otherworldy

One of the most interesting things about Metagross, the Psychic- and Steel-Type Pokémon that first appears in Generation III, is that his previous evolutionary forms are calm and even borderline cute. It’s only the final form, Metagross, that takes the drastic leap forward and exhibits many traits of the most feared Pokémon. Metagross has that strange aura of a Pokémon that cannot be disturbed that’s so common with other Legendary creatures.

It wouldn’t be hard to picture Metagross at the center of some Pokémon movie where trainers try to unlock its mysteries, but it’s a deceptively normal Pokémon.

6 Garchomp Is Pure Pokémon Nightmare Fuel

Anime Pokemon Garchomp Tournament Fight

Garchomp is a Dragon- and Ground-Type Pokémon from Generation IV that might be the most frightening Pokémon ever created. Garchomp is like if Jaws mated with the Xenomorph from Alien. It’s a ferocious dragon that’s covered in claws and teeth, which is a design that’s more threatening than most of the actual Legendary Pokémon. Garchomp is strong enough and a rare enough sight to easily get confused for a Legendary Pokémon, but it’s not the case.

It’s much more manageable in its Gible and Gabite pre-evolved forms and it’s surprising that they turn into such an intimidating creature.

5 Genesect Is A Cybernetic Pokémon Assassin From The Past

It’s amazing to see how creative the Pokémon series gets with some of the later creations and it’s become more common for Pokémon to travel through time or transcend the standard limits of reality and space. Genesect is a Bug- and Steel-Type Pokémon that’s essentially Pokémon’s equivalent of The Terminator.

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Genesect is already deadly, but Team Plasma mass produces the Pokémon and equips it with more aggressive forms of weaponry, which make it a serious danger. Genesect is considered a Mythical Pokémon and it’s certainly rare, but it doesn’t actually qualify as a Legendary.

4 Zoroark Is A True Master Of Illusions

Zoroark is the type of Pokémon that has such an elegant design and superior powers that most would just assume that it’s a member of the Legendary family. The fact that Zoroark has a whole movie devoted to him also gives the Pokémon a higher level of importance than most standard creatures. Many Dark-Type Pokémon are strong and mysterious, but Zoroark is the epitome of this due to how it can create deceptive illusions as well as transform himself into whatever he desires.

It makes Zoroark quite elusive and he has skills that transcend some Pokémon that are actually Legendary.

3 Hydreigon Is A Three-Headed Dragon Threat

Anime Pokemon Cameron's Hydreigon Battle

There are many frightening Dragon Pokémon that have been introduced over the course of the Pokémon franchise, but Hydreigon is far more than just a dangerous mix of Dragon- and Dark-Types. Hydreigon is a three-headed Dragon Pokémon, which is a rare honor that makes it seem like it should be part of the Legendary group. Hydreigon is easily one of the strongest regular Pokémon and it still commonly gets confused as a Legendary.

It’s surprising to see such an intricate design not get used for a Pokémon of greater significance, but Hydreigon is subject to its own complicated past.

2 Tyranitar Looks Like The Definition Of What A Legendary Pokémon Should Be

Generation II was a much simpler time for the Pokémon franchise and at that point a Pokémon like Tyranitar definitely came across as a Legendary and it’s easy to remember it as such, even though it’s just the strong final form of Larvitar. Tyranitar’s design is a hulking beast that isn’t a Dragon-Type, but still feels inspired by Godzilla.

Tyranitar is the type of strong-looking Pokémon that would be put on the box even though he’s not the rarest or most powerful Pokémon from the title.

1 Volcarona Is A Rare Wonder That Never Stops Learning

Volcarona is a Fire- and Bug-Type Pokémon from Generation V that has a special legend tied to its rare and mysterious roots. It seems at one point or another that Volcarona might have actually been designed to be a Legendary Pokémon since it learns the whopper move, Fiery Dance, at level 100.

This is a tradition that’s been reserved only for Legendary Pokémon, so it’s odd that it also applies to Volcarona. Volcanion is a Fire-Type Legendary that gets a lot of attention, but some of that fame deserves to go Volcarona’s way.

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