Star Wars: The High Republic Adventures has just introduced a new force user who aids the High Republic and Jedi’s rescue of Trymant IV.

WARNING: This article contains spoilers for Star Wars: The High Republic Adventures #1 by Daniel José Older, Harvey Tolibao, Jake M. Wood, Rebecca Nalty, Harvey Tolibao, Elizabeth Brei and Riley Farmer, on sale now.

Star Wars has kicked off the High Republic Era with a new comic centered on adventures set during the time period. In this first issue, debris from the Great Disaster comes falling onto the planet Trymant IV. Yoda and fellow Jedi Master Torban Buck take a group of Padawans on the ship known as the Star Hopper from the Starlight Beacon to Trymant IV to help minimize the damage.

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Among the Padawans is Lula Talisola, a young girl who, despite great academic success as a Jedi, has never gone on a mission before, let alone one where she will come face-to-face with massive debris from hyperspace and an invasion force from the barbaric Nihil. Little does she know that on Trymant IV, she will find a new ally — one whose coming out as a force user spells her own doom.

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Who is Zeen Mrala, and Why isn’t She a Jedi?

Zeen Mrala comes from a nomadic society that travels from planet to planet. The Elders in her society argue that the Force is something that should be avoided, due to how dangerous it can be to harness it. They compare it to fire that, while a force of power, should not be held in your hands. Mrala, however, has always been strong in the force, which results in her remaining closeted for the good of her society.

She and her friend Krix are caught up in the falling debris, and her whole society decides to evacuate Trymant IV. However, as she does so, she encounters the Nihil, who have taken this moment to drop a spider-ship on the planet in order to raid and eradicate the surface. Mrala and Krix are almost killed by the Nihil in front of their Elders’ eyes when Lula and the other Padawans land on the planet’s surface, blasting away any falling debris and deflecting blaster fire.

It’s at this point that Mrala watches the Padawans, all strong in the Force like herself, and begins to idolize them. She sees herself in the Jedi and imagines herself in their position.

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Mrala Outs Herself as a Force User in Order to Save Her Planet

While Lula and the other Padawans are distracted by the Nihil, a particularly massive piece of debris falls for their city. The impact would be enough to eradicate all of them from existence. Everyone Mrala knows and loves would die. So she does the only thing she can do: reach out with the Force to intercept it. While she can’t do it on her own, with Lula’s help, the two manage to hold off the debris and save everyone.

The people of her village don’t seem particularly thrilled by this, however. Krix, rather than thank Mrala for saving his life, gets angry that Mrala hid the fact she could use the Force from him — though whether Krix is upset that Mrala kept the secret or broke a societal taboo is unclear as of this issue.

While Mrala might be too old to start her Jedi Training at this point, Mrala might have a trial-by-fire in the art of Jedi Arts, as the Nihil have surrounded the Padawans with their guns and plan on blasting them to oblivion. Hopefully, Mrala can help Lula and the others fight off the Nihil, or else her career with the Jedi Order might be cut short.

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