Back in 2013, Disney’s Frozen swept the nation with unique characters, memorable songs, and remarkable animation. Then in 2019, Disney released the equally impressive sequel, Frozen IIThe rich lore and history established by the movies have had an enduring quality, with fans still discussing the films today.

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Given the complexity of the stories and plot points that weave throughout both films, it’s understandable that audiences would have questions regarding the mythology and characters introduced in the franchise. Regardless of whether you’ve seen the movies or not, even the most avid Frozen fans may be surprised by some of this information.

10 How Tall is Olaf? He Is 3′ 4″ (Though Wiki Mistakenly Lists Him As 5’4″)

Olaf Standing up and Looking up Frozen

Fans of the Frozen franchise may be surprised to learn that Olaf’s height in the films has been the subject of debate online. Whereas many believe him to be on the shorter side, he’s bizarrely listed on the Frozen Wiki as 5’4″ . Though Jennifer Lee confirmed on Twitter that this is incorrect and he is closer to 3’4″.

His incorrect height may sound plausible on its own; however, Elsa and Anna both tower of the fan-favorite snowman, even matching his height when they were children. This means they would both have to be more than 10′ tall according to their proportions. The thought of giants ruling Arendelle with an almost six-foot-tall talking snowman is an unintentionally terrifying premise.

9 Where Are Kristoff’s Parents? Jennifer Lee Explains That He Was An Orphan But Hated The Orphanage

Kristoff and Sven Frozen

In the first Frozen, it’s revealed that Kristoff Bjorgman was raised by trolls when he was eight and eventually started working as an ice harvester. What’s a bit more ambiguous, however, is Kristoff’s parentage. Though it’s never explicitly mentioned in the films, Frozen’s director, Jennifer Lee, provided an explanation during several interviews.

Evidently, Kristoff was an orphan before being adopted by the trolls; however, his rambunctious personality made the confines of an orphanage difficult for him. Kristoff often escaped to explore in the woods, where he eventually met Sven.

8 How Old is Hans? He Is 23 Years Old

Hans and Anna Frozen

Frozen fans know that the villainous Hans comes from a large family in the Southern Isles with twelve brothers, though the primary antagonist’s age is never discussed in the movies.

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Fortunately, Jennifer Lee was again able to offer insight for some curious fans. According to Frozen’s director, Hans is around 23 years when he first arrives in Arendelle. To provide some perspective, Anna, the victim of his treasonous plans to become the ruler of Arendelle, was 18 during the first Frozen film.

7 Who is Elsa Based on? She Is Based On Hans Christen Andersen’s Snow Queen (Though Most Similarities Did Not Make The Final Cut)

The Snow Queen and Elsa Frozen

Those who have seen Frozen are undoubtedly familiar with the Hans Christen Andersen fairy tale, The Snow Queen, published in 1845, which heavily inspired the Disney film. However, audiences may not know that Elsa was originally written to be more similar to Andersen’s Snow Queen than she ended up in the movies.

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According to the film’s producer, Peter Del Vecho, Elsa and Anna were originally not sisters, and Elsa was the film’s primary villain. She had evil intentions, complete with an entire battalion of snow monsters. Thankfully, her character was rewritten, becoming the kindhearted Queen of Arendelle.

6 What is the Official Crest of Arendelle? It Is The Crocus Flower

Crest of Arendelle and Crocus Flower

Audiences with a sharp eye may have noticed the Crest of Arendelle throughout various scenes in the films. Anna even wears a symbol of the crest on her necklace during Elsa’s coronation.

The crest features a type of flowering plant called a “crocus,” which the Arendelle family chose to use as a symbol of rebirth and perseverance. Typically blooming in late winter, a crocus can grow through snow, even during the coldest months, making it an apt metaphor for Arendelle.

5 Who is the Voice of Oaken? His Voice Was Given To Him By Chris Williams

Oaken Frozen and Chris Williams

One of the most unexpectedly amusing characters in Frozen is the hard bargaining store owner of Wandering Oaken’s Trading Post and Sauna. Though he’s only briefly seen in the movies, he brings an undeniably comedic presence to the films.

The voice of Oaken was provided by Chris Williams, who would go on to work on another Disney film soon after the release of Frozen. In 2014, Chris Williams directed the oscar-winning Big Hero 6. Perhaps one day fans will be treated to an Oaken/Baymax crossover series.

4 How Many Strands of Hair Does Elsa Have? Elsa Has Around 420,000 Individual Strands Of Hair

Elsa Close up Hair Frozen

3D animation is becoming more realistic as technology continues to progress, often leading animators to think outside the box. In order to create Elsa’s impressive hair, Disney animators had to design special software just to process the animations.

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Although considering Elsa has around 420,000 individual strands of hair, it’s understandable that her design would require a lot of resources. As it turns out, animators designed Elsa’s hair with 15 times more strands than Rapunzel’s, whose iconic hair itself is remarkably well done.

3 What is Hans’ Horse’s Name? Han’s Horse Is Named Sitron

Hans Horse Sitron Frozen

Considering Hans’ many atrocities, it helps to think his horse is perhaps more kind and compassionate. The fact that he knows to bow in a princess’s presence clearly demonstrates his respect for royalty.

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Though it’s never mentioned in the films, Han’s horse is named Sitron, which translates to lemon in Norwegian. He’s also described as a “Fjord” horse, a hearty breed able to withstand cold conditions.

2 Was Olaf’s Dialogue Scripted? The Directors Gave Josh Gad Creative Freedom To Improvise Many Of The Lines

Olaf Close up

Olaf is an undeniable fan-favorite who resonates with audiences of all ages. His rise in popularity is due in no small part to his hilarious voice actor, Josh Gad.

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Though much of Olaf’s dialogue was scripted, the directors gave Josh Gad creative freedom to improvise many of the lines. As a result, the original script was noticeably different than the final iteration. Interestingly, one of Olaf’s most iconic lines, “Hi everyone, I’m Olaf, and I like warm hugs,” was actually improvised by the talented Gad.

1 What is the Most Expensive Frozen Toy? In 2019 Roberto Coin Released An Exclusive Doll Set At Saks Fifth Avenue Priced At $30,000

Most Expensive Frozen Toy

Perhaps the only thing that can rival the popularity of the Frozen franchise is its own merchandise. The market is saturated with Frozen toys, recently drawing in a staggering $107.2 billion in retail sales alone, significantly more profitable than the movies.

With this in mind, however, one toy has proven to be especially valuable. In 2019, Roberto Coin released an exclusive doll set at Saks Fifth Avenue for an unbelievable $30,000. The dolls come with 18k jewelry accessories as well, giving them an unquestionably impressive look. They’re currently on sale for just $22,500, so you can grab yours today!

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