Wendell Pierce’s take on Death is fun and surprising in this BBC America show.


When it comes to television shows, Wendell Pierce has popped up in some interesting places. But no matter where he appears — be it The WireSuits, or Chicago, P.D. — Pierce has always been fairly recognizable. That was true until Pierce was introduced as Death on the BBC America action-comedy show The Watch, starring Richard Dormer, Lara Rossi, Jo Eaton-Kent, Marama Corlett, and Adam Hugill. Based on author Terry Pratchett‘s Discworld novels, The Watch follows a ragtag team of cops who band together to save their city from constant peril. In this unusual new world, there is also the character Death (voiced by Pierce), who takes the form of a cloaked being whose only visible parts are glowing eyes and skeletal hands, and who frequently appears to the heroes of The Watch.

In an exclusive new clip from the next episode of The Watch, “Nowhere in the Multiverse,” Death finds three members of the show’s misfit cop team, Cheery (Eaton-Kent), Carrot (Hugill), and Angua (Corlett). The trio seems to be stuck in a tricky situation with no apparent way out, which causes Death to arrive on the scene. As Carrot tries to sweet-talk Death into helping them escape, he turns the conversation toward Death’s special powers. This allows Death the opportunity to showcase one new special power he’s been working on: The power of song. Yes, that’s right, Death is a budding musician in the world of The Watch and yes, we get treated to a little bit of Death’s new song, too. Titled “Last Breath,” this song written and performed by The Watch‘s Death is surprisingly catchy — if you don’t pay attention to the ominous lyrics.

The newest episode of The Watch airs on BBC America on Sunday, February 7, at 8 p.m. ET/PT. Check out the exclusive sneak peek from Sunday’s episode below featuring Wendell Pierce. For more, check out our exclusive interview with The Watch star Richard Dormer.

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