Manwha, Korean webtoons, have become so incredibly popular over the last few years that many— such as Tower of God or Sweet Home— have been adapted into anime and K-Drama series. Fantasy manhwa are especially amazing due to the in-depth worlds created by the artist/author of the comics.

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Many popular manhwa and webtoons alike are being adapted into various other forms of media and anime seems like the perfect fit for all that are in the fantasy genre as they would really get to do up some of the animation and settings within the stories. Also, many of the plots already feel like they are anime and so having it adapted would just make for a pleasant viewing experience.

10 Super Secret Features A Boy Whose Entire Family Are Actually Supernatural Beings

Super Secret

For a time, Super Secret was one of the most popular webtoons on the Webtoon app and was incredibly loved by all. This story features two best friends who have grown up with one another, but one of them has a secret— he and his entire family are actually supernatural creatures.

Ryan has harbored feelings for Emma for as long as he could remember and constantly tries to help her in any difficulties she has. For a while, Emma just kind of sees him as her “mom friend” but over time she realizes that her feelings for Ryan are reciprocated as she also attempts to take care of a mysteriously large dog that smells a whole lot like Ryan.

9 Bloody Sweet Is A Romance Between A Vampire And Shaman That Make A Pact

Bloody Sweet

Bloody Sweet is another manhwa about a vampire that makes a pact with a reincarnated shaman and the two quickly fall in love with each other, without actually knowing if it’s love or the pact.

The character design for the main two leads are super adorable and would make perfect anime protagonists as they both make each other better the closer they get to one another. The series is funny and super romantic and would make for a perfect shojo fantasy series.

8 Devil Number 4 Features A Girl Who Makes A Deal With The Devil

Devil Number 4 recently ended in both the Korean and U.S. versions of the manhwa on Webtoon and Naver. This series follows Devil Number 4, a devil in the corporate ladder sent to make deals with mortals for their souls, so when he meets Hana— a down on her luck college student, the two strike a deal. The only issue is that Hana signs the contract without asking for anything in return.

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This story is another super adorable tale between a devil and a human who were destined to be together. Hana is such a good and wholesome character that she spreads that same warmth to all those around her, even the devils. This series would make for an excellent anime with all of the amazing characters and could even incorporate more action sequences.

7 The Maid And The Vampire Is A Supernatural Time Travel Romance

The Maid and the Vampire

The Maid and the Vampire is a newer manhwa in which a young girl gets sent back in time after getting hit by a truck. The protagonist is given a second chance at life, only due to her dark hair color everyone believes her to either be a vampire or a witch and are terribly afraid of her.

Somehow, she ends up becoming a servant to a vampire lord who seems rather interested and intrigued by her, as she struggles to stay alive in this new world. This romance series is another super adorable tale and would make an excellent romance isekai.

6 College Student Empress Features A Protagonist That Was Sent Back In Time Who Needs To Conceal Her Personality To Blend In

College Student Empress

It seems to be a trend lately with manhwa where the female protagonist is sent to another world or time, and College Student Empress is no exception. The protagonist in this story is notorious for rejecting men she deems unworthy of her time and ends up getting sent back in time into the body of a frail, beautiful empress.

In this land, she must conceal her true outspoken and vibrant personality in order to blend in, but that gets harder and harder with assassins constantly attacking her and a handsome husband/king who seemingly hates her guts. This series would be an excellent anime, full of mystery, action, romance, and comedy.

5 Bride Of The Water God Takes Readers Into The Fantastical World Of The Gods

Bride of the Water God Manhwa

Bride of the Water God is a super famous manhwa and actually has a live-action K-Drama adaptation staring Start-Up‘s Nam Joo-Hyuk as Habaek. The original manhwa and K-Drama are vastly different from one another but that doesn’t mean that the series doesn’t deserve its own amazing anime. In the K-Drama, it is Habaek who travels to Soah’s world, but in the webtoon readers and Soah are taken to the fantastical world of the gods.

This series would be a drama amongst gods as one human bride stands in the middle of it, with romance holding it all together. This anime series could easily be similar to Inuyasha or Kamisama Kiss.

4 Killing Stalking Explores A Dark And Twisted Relationship

Killing Stalking

Killing Stalking is a BL (boys love) manhwa with a ton of action and violence, but somehow will entice those who may not even be fans of that genre. Killing Stalking is incredibly intense but manages to suck in its audience in the greatest of ways as the two characters struggle against one another.

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After a crush gone wrong, the protagonist learns that his once-hero is actually a crazed serial killer who will stop at nothing to keep killing— even if it means breaking the protagonist’s legs. This series is utterly dark with a dark and twisted relationship. This series is definitely a psychological horror that would make for an extremely dark but appreciative anime series.

3 The Lady And Her Butler Explores The Ways That People Can Fight And Suppress Their True Feelings

The Lady and her Butler

After a reality scheme goes wrong, Taesoo ends up buying an already occupied apartment with nowhere left to go. Sooha— a working woman who already owns the apartment— agrees that he can stay after he offers to act as her housekeeper, doing the chores around the house, cooking, and cleaning.

Thus, the two end up living with each other forming an unlikely friendship. But Sooha has her reserves, she doesn’t want a boyfriend and so she fights her own feelings as they slowly grow. This series is fantastically written and the art is utterly superb. It would be an excellent slice of life romance story.

2 The Abandoned Empress Follows The Protagonists Attempts To Change Their Fate

Girl and boy walking together

The Abandoned Empress takes a bit of Re: Zero and mashes it into a royal setting as the empress of a fantastical land, Aristia, is sent back in time seven years after she is killed in order to try and undo what had gone wrong. Aristia was killed after another woman comes to take her place as empress and swoons the king into falling for her instead, so now— seven years earlier— she must figure out what she must do in order to stop her fate or if history is doomed to repeat. This romance drama will make for a perfect anime, as it will immediately call people in when the main character dies at the beginning of the first episode.

1 Doctor Elise: The Royal Lady With The Lamp Explores Themes Of Past Lives And Correcting Mistakes

Blonde girl hugging dark-haired boy

This fantasy series is all about past lives and righting the wrongs that have been committed. Elise was a horrible woman in her first life, a queen so evil and cruel she was burned at the stake by her own husband, the king. In her second life, she was a genius doctor who genuinely cared for the people she was helping.

When a horrible accident takes place, Elise-the-doctor is sent back into the body of Elise-the-queen, but this time she is bent on doing the right thing, she becomes a surgeon. The romance in this story is amazing as her changed personality makes Linden D Romanoff fall totally in love with her.

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