ABC’s Big Sky just had it sadistic villain garner the ultimate prize, and while the mission is successful, it comes at a very heavy cost.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Big Sky Season 1, Episode 7, “I Fall to Pieces,” now available on ABC.

With Rick in hospital after being shot in the head by Cassie, ABC’s Big Sky has placed Ron in quite the bind. The trucker’s worried his former partner will regain his senses and sell him out for human trafficking or worse. He’s also worried the cops will find the evidence held at the trooper’s home regarding how they kidnapped women. Luckily, in the latest episode, Ron gets the ultimate prize he’s been seeking to clear his name; however, it comes at a heavy cost for the sadistic villain.

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Ron is treading water as he tries to figure out how to get out of this. He has no one to rely on apart from his weird mom, Helen, but sadly, she’s driving him wild. He’s dyed his hair and repainted his truck, but he has to use his van since truckers are being fingered by officers. As options are running out, his trump card is Merrilee, Rick’s wife who he’s been secretly seducing. She doesn’t know Ron’s real identity, so he keeps making contact in hopes they can reignite something.

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Seeing as she’s mad at Rick, Ron hope he can get in their home while Rick’s in hospital and find the evidence. He does just this, preying on Merrilee’s insecurities and finding the documents upstairs, but by that time, Cassie and Jenny show up. The P.I.’s have a sketch of Ron after Grace led them to a sulphur spring Rick left a body in, and they believe Merrilee might know her husband’s business partner.

When they arrive, Merrilee’s upset, as she feels harassed and wants this all over. While she knew Rick would go to jail, she’s still stunned when she sees the drawing of Ron and lets them know he’s upstairs. They draw their guns and head up, but as the previews for the next episode show, he’ll escape somehow.

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This sucks for Merrilee because it means she’s been duped twice by serial killers. She deserves a lucky break as she’s a genuinely nice person. More so, with this evidence gone and Ron making his move, the manhunt will be on as everyone now knows his face and that he’s close by, so moving around in public will be tough. It will also push Ron to finish off Jerrie and the girls he kidnapped because, as seen with his treatment of Helen, the delusional killer’s ready to murder everyone in his way while blaming them for his monstrous actions.

Big Sky stars Katheryn Winnick, Ryan Phillips, Kylie Bunbury, Brian Geraghty and Valerie Mahaffey. It airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.

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