Although it would be fun to play as the iconic characters from the world of Avatar, players should also be free to create their own.

The world of Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra is now entering the realm of roleplaying games. Magpie Games, who published the popular Masks: A New Generation tabletop game, stuck a deal with ViacomCBS to create an RPG set in the Avatar universe.

Followers of the television series will be thrilled to play as their favorite characters from both incarnations of Team Avatar, whether with the powerful bending of Aang and Korra or the improvisational non-bending skills of Sokka and Asami. While playing those iconic heroes should be fun, players also deserve the option to create and develop characters of their own in the game.

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Korra performing Metalbending

The Avatar television series, novels and comic books have mostly been told from the perspective of that era’s Team Avatar. Rarely has it deviated towards regular citizens or benders witnessing their civilization constantly change. With this new tabletop game, players will potentially have the freedom to create their own character, bender or non-bender. This opens up untold avenues through which to explore the universe. Allowing the player to make their own character rather than playing as an existing one will make that experience that much richer.

Player generated characters would allow players to participate in adventures and situations that Team Avatar doesn’t have time for. They can meet new characters, bending factions and even spirits who will either be allies or adversaries. Along with creating their own bender to inhabit that world, the player could possibly team up with both Team Avatars in their main adventures as well. Every player’s dream of being apart of the team could finally come true by having their character join them iconic characters. That’s not to say that playing as an established main Avatar legend wouldn’t be fun, but the opportunity for a lore-rich exploration of the Avatar world is one that shouldn’t be passed up.

Regardless of how what the final product looks like, it’s unlikely this new Avatar tabletop RPG will be a disappointment, as the world and characters of Avatar have already proven to be an engaging hit over the years. But the component of having the player being allowed to create their own character/bender in this RPG is necessary. This will allow them to explore the franchise’s intriguing settings and go on brand new adventures. This experience could feel as if players are discovering Republic City and the Spirit World for the first time again.

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