The Naruto universe was established through a 700 episode saga detailing the adventures of its title protagonist and that of Sasuke Uchiha. Naruto is regarded as one of the most popular and well received anime in history, especially in regards to the unique concepts and characters that it introduced.

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However, Naruto‘s number of episodes entails that there may be plot elements that either failed to be fulfilled or simply don’t make sense upon scrutiny. A franchise as long running as Naruto is bound to wind up with a few plot holes. Whether fans care is another matter entirely, though.

10 Orochimaru Was Forgiven Despite Doing Literally Nothing To Earn It

After the dust of the Fourth War had settled, Orochimaru was forgiven (or at the very least, excused) of his crimes. He was put to house arrest under the close watch of Captain Yamato (which in of itself doesn’t make sense, on account of their personal relationship to one another).

While his absolution is often attributed to his resurrection of the fallen Hokage to assist in the battle against Madara, he only did this under the threat of Sasuke Uchiha. Without his presence, he would not have been as inclined to help.

9 The Allied Shinobi Forces’ Tension Never Became Relevant

The tension between the Allied Shinobi Forces was a relevant staple to the Fourth War arc. It was understandable – they had fought against each other for decades, with their ancestors having bled for their animosity. Some were even direct participants of the previous wars.

With the tensions in the army jeopardized by the White Zetsu infiltrators, it makes sense that the army would have turned on itself. However, it never actually did to any consequential degree, denying the narrative an entertaining and plausible plot point.

8 The Valley Of The End Was A Monument To Someone That Tried To Destroy Konoha – Three Times

The Valley of the End was home to two massive statues dedicated to Hashirama Senju and Madara Uchiha. However, the latter was a monster who attempted to destroy the Leaf three times (first in attempting to break the union with Konoha, second in harnessing Kurama and fighting Hashirama, and third during his onslaught in the Great Ninja War).

He also massacred considerable swathes of other villages in his quest for supremacy. Although most of the monument may have been destroyed during Naruto’s battle against Sasuke, there are no plans to rebuild them in a more appropriate likeness.

7 No One Was Alarmed That Danzo Went Missing

Danzo hokage

Regardless of any personal feelings toward Danzo, he played an important role in leading the Leaf during Tsunade’s absence. The man represented Konoha at the Five Kage summit and lead an intelligence organization on par with the Anbu.

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This makes his subsequent disappearance after he and his retainers were slaughtered by Sasuke particularly inexplicable. Few were concerned as to his whereabouts, friend or foe alike.

6 The Hokage Were Released Prematurely

After Madara Uchiha and Kaguya had both been defeated, the war was presumed to be over. As a result, the Hokage were released back into the afterlife and the peaceful state they once thoroughly enjoyed. Not only was this extremely premature on account of Naruto’s pending battle with Sasuke, it was ill advised for how they could have assisted Konoha. Since the Leaf was still reeling from a devastating war, any one of them would have provided invaluable leadership that could get it back on its feet. Instead, they appointed Kakashi, a man with little interest or capability, to be leader.

5 Pain Was Technically Right

pain from naruto close-up

Nagato’s thesis was that people could only truly understand each other through mutually shared suffering (hence his moniker “Pain”). This philosophy was presented as noble but erroneous by Naruto Uzumaki during their confrontation.

However, the Fourth Ninja War itself proved him correct. Through the suffering risked and the threat faced, the world was forced to come together and act as a united power. Poetically, this was similar to the Akatsuki leader’s intentions the entire time.

4 Gaara Lead The Allied Shinobi Forces Despite Being The Least Qualified

Naruto Gaara

While the Allied Shinobi Forces may have been governed by the Five Kage, Gaara was handily its most present figurehead. This was illustrated through his speech before the united front’s charge and his participation in the coming battle.

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Unfortunately, Gaara may have been the least qualified person to convince others to put their grievances aside. Considering he butchered his opponents without mercy during the Chunin Exam and was scarcely trusted by his own village, there were many other candidates who should have provided more charismatic leaders.

3 Sasuke Was Forgiven Because Naruto Said So

The conflict between Naruto and Sasuke officially ended with their draw in the Valley of the End. After, Sasuke was voluntarily imprisoned and abandoned his dreams of dominance (especially now that it seemed they would never become attainable).

While Konoha may be within their rights to forgive Sasuke (even if Kakashi may be biased as the new Hokage), the other villages should have rightfully addressed a grievance with this. Not only was the rogue Uchiha a member of the Akatsuki (who kidnapped and murdered the Kazekage), he also attacked the Raikage’s brother in broad daylight.

2 There Were No Precautions Against Future Edo Tensei Attacks

There was a second problem to releasing the Hokage and finally allowing them to rest. It would render their spirits eligible for future resurrections by those who had stumbled upon the means of doing so. This time, however, they would not be fighting alongside the Leaf – instead, they’d turn their terrible power against them.

In fact, there have been no palpable mentions of graveyards becoming more secure ever since Kabuto’s gambit to conquer the world. As a result, a similarly devious and talented shinobi could unleash another disastrous, worldwide bloodbath after enough time and preparation.

1 No One Cared About Shikamaru’s Revenge

After Asuma’s death, Shikamaru carried himself with a much darker demeanor. Shikamaru spoke about avenging his sensei and slaying his murderer with the same zealous fervor of Sasuke. Bizarrely, no one seemed particularly alarmed by this or bothered to inquire further despite the path the sharingan user would eventually take. The permissiveness afforded to Shikamaru was a decent justification for Sasuke’s own actions.

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