The Flash of DC One Million was literally crushed by Gold Beetle, but she may be the key to saving him from possession.

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Future State: Black Adam #1 by Jeremy Adams, Fernanda Pasarim, Oclair Albert, Jeromy Cox and Wes Abbott, on sale now.

The Future State of the DC Universe is not just limiting itself to new futures, it’s also revisiting other, already established future timelines. Taking fans once more to the 853rd century, Future State: Black Adam #1 establishes a galactic community where magic has faded into obscurity as technology and innovation became the only way forward. As a result, the universe was unprepared for an attack by a new magical threat. When the DC One Million Flash is possessed by the Seven Deadly Sins, he is horrifically crushed by Gold Beetle’s ship. Suprisingly, she may just be the key to saving his life.

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Of all the heroes on the Justice League, the Flash is definitely the one most plagued by time travel shenanigans. It seems only appropriate then that the Flash of the Justice Legion isn’t actually from the 853rd century. Jonathan Fox made his debut in Flash Special #1 by Mark Waid and Mike Parobeck. Originally a historian from the 27th century, Jonathan was sent back in time to retrieve one the past Flashes when a villain named Manfred Mota began destroying Central City. He failed in this, but the tachyon radiation gave him superspeed. He used his new powers to send Mota 50 billion years into the future where he couldn’t hurt anyone.

Fox then took up the identity of the Flash of this era, having a short career as a hero. He was eventually placed on guard duty at the Time Institute following the creation of superfast robots called Speed Metal. After learning of an ice age that occurs in the 20th century, Jonathan raced back in time to stop it, thus violating time travel laws and setting Speed Metal on his trail. To avoid being sent to prison for doing the right thing, Jonathan left the 20th century and hid out in the 853rd century where he became the Justice Legion’s Flash.

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But it seems his luck has run out once again. In Future State: Black Adam #1, the Flash is there to witness as the Unkindness, a magical alliance between the Lords of Chaos and the Seven Deadly Sins, invades the universe. They defeated Superman Prime and the Atlantean military, forcing the Justice Legion to seek help from the one man who might have any knowledge on how to defeat them: Teth Adam. But before they could convince him, the Unkindness attacked, unleashing the Sins upon the Justice Legion.

The Flash was forced to go up against Sloth, who slowly drained him of his speed. But before he could be killed, Teth Adam once again became Black Adam to dispel the Sins from his planet. The victory was short-lived, however, for while Adam managed to get rid of most of the sins, some of them had corrupted Superman,  the Flash and Batman.

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Using the bodies of the heroes, the sins attacked the Justice Legion and Black Adam. Just before Flash could attack his allies, Gold Beetle’s ship suddenly arrived and crushed him. Yes, it literally crushed him, leaving his legs sticking out from underneath the ship like the Wicked Witch of the East. But while this may seem like an inglorious end for the hero, Gold Beetle’s presence suggests the possibility that he may rise again.

While not much is known about Gold Beetle, her alias and equipment suggest she has both the powers and skillsets of Booster Gold and Blue Beetle. A genius scientist with time travel capabilities who claims to know how to save the universe is never a bad thing, and her potential status as a time traveler indicates that the past could be changed to prevent the Flash from ever being possessed. Of course, it’s also possible that her ship only broke every bone in the Flash’s body. While less than idea, that isn’t something the Flash can’t come back from, especially if he has an accelerated healing factor like his predecessors.

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