Season 2 of Netflix’s Bonding solves Pete’s roommate problem, but another tragic one occurs that could have lasting repercussions.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Season 2 of Bonding, now streaming on Netflix.

Season 1 of Netflix’s Bonding found Pete (Brendan Scannell) in a really weird spot with his roommate Frank (Alex Hurt), who was obsessed with using the gay man to explore his own bi-curiosity. It infuriated Portia, Frank’s girlfriend, but surprisingly, they’re now all living together in harmony.

While it helps that Pete’s happily involved with Josh, Frank is still a bit intrigued by the gay lifestyle. However, while the second season fixes the roommates’ problem, it also creates a new, tragic one that Frank may not be able to get over anytime soon.

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Portia reveals early on she’s pregnant, which scares Frank. Since Franks doesn’t have much of an education, Pete tries to help him get a job. Pete realizes Frank has to stick to his strengths, though, so he gets him a spot as a go-go dancer at his gay night-club, which Frank adores because he can express himself, live some fantasies out and make cash.

However, things aren’t going well with Portia as Tiff, Pete’s bestie, finds her in the hospital when she’s checking in on her guy, Doug. Sadly, Portia suffers a miscarriage and decides that she has to get away from New York. She wasn’t prepared for this tragedy because as much as she was uncertain about Frank as a life partner and dad, she didn’t want to lose her child.

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Tiff helps her out by booking the ticket, and when Frank gets home, he’s left with a goodbye letter. Portia basically tells him what happened and that she can’t stay anymore. However, they have no idea Tiff played a key role in it, which would have upset Pete greatly. That said, Pete, as well as Rolph, are the only shoulders Frank can lean on. In that way, it’s a double blow because he loved Portia and was trying to mature for her and the baby. So, while Pete’s in the club catching up, as he sees Frank coming over to cash tips, he can’t help but be despondent watching his friend break down.

Frank is depressed and not enjoying the job anymore, leaving Pete consoling him by the bar. At this point, it’s only a matter of time before he’s fired, so Pete needs to step up and help his buddy through this tough time, especially because Frank would’ve done the same for him.

Season 2 of Bonding, starring Zoe Levin, Brendan Scannell, Micah Stock and Theo Stockman, is now streaming on Netflix.

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