Young Justice has proven itself to be the DC animated series that just won’t stay down. Initially canceled after the second season, fans kept the flame alive and helped expand the fanbase over three years, leading to a third season that premiered on the DC Universe streaming service.

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Now, as DC Universe switches to a comics-only service, Young Justice prepares to bring fans a fourth season, Young Justice: Phantoms, to HBO Max, the new home for DC-based animated adaptations. Across the previous three seasons, Young Justice has introduced viewers to a number of DC heroes and villains, from Superboy, Miss Martian, and Kid Flash to Rocket, Batgirl, Impulse and beyond— and season four is sure to do the same. There are so many possibilities for which characters the show could shine a spotlight, but there are some who feel more ready for the chance than others.

10 Naomi: One Of DC’s Biggest Rising Heroes Of The Moment

A newer addition to the DC Universe, Naomi first appeared in her own miniseries by Brian Michael Bendis, David F. Walker, and Jamal Campbell before joining the newly reformed Young Justice in the comics.

The character, who comes from an alternate Earth that has been destroyed, has already teamed up with Superman, and will soon be a member of the Justice League. Adding to her quick rise to stardom, Naomi is getting her own Arrowverse series, but that doesn’t mean she couldn’t fit in with the animated adventures of Young Justice.

9 Captain Marvel Jr.: More Shazam Family Members Are Always Welcome

Captain marvel jr freddy

While Shazam has shown up on Young Justice, none of the other Shazam Family members have made their way to the animated series. While there are plenty to choose from, Captain Marvel Jr. seems like the obvious choice, since he is the closest Shazam has had to a traditional sidekick.

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The issue with Captain Marvel Jr. showing up could be connected to his name. Even in the comics, no one has quite figured out how to handle the names of the heroes, with all of them just going by their regular first names at this point. But it wouldn’t be all that hard to just call him Shazam Jr. and go from there.

8 Inertia: Bart Allen Becoming Kid Flash Sets The Stage For His Evil Counterpart

Inertia Flash Speedster DC Comics

With the Flash Family playing a big part of the Young Justice animated series, and with Bart Allen taking on the mantle of Kid Flash after the death of Wally West, season four could be a perfect time to introduce Bart’s own Reverse-Flash.

In the comics, Inertia is an evil clone of Bart, created by President Thawne in the 30th century to take on his grandson. Inertia has shown up from time to time in the comics and was even responsible for Bart’s death at the hands of the Flash Rogues.

7 Shilo Norman: Long Overdue For His Debut Outside Of Comics

Aside from a brief stint with the Seven Soldiers of Victory, Shilo Norman— the second Mister Miracle— has never been a member of a superhero team, but that doesn’t mean he can’t join Young Justice.

The character, who was trained by Scott Free to be the second greatest escape artist on Earth (after Scott) has been showing up in the comics since 1973, and had his own storyline in the Future State books, but has never escaped the comics and shown up on TV or in the movies. Young Justice: Phantoms would be a great place for Shilo to make his animated debut.

6 Kid Amazo: A Great Potential Villain Who Hasn’t Been Adapted To Death Already

Introduced in the Super Sons series by Peter Tomasi and Jorge Jiménez, Reggie Meyer— the second Kid Amazo— would make for a great villain for the teen heroes to take on. In the comics, Reggie and his family were afflicted and cured of the Amazo Virus but retained their powers and became a superhero team, The Super Duffies.

Sadly, Reggie was not as heroic as the rest of his family, and after finding the Amazo Armor, he took his family hostage and went full supervillain, leading to his battle against Superboy and Robin. Like his namesake, Kid Amazo can copy the powers of any hero, which makes him quite dangerous.

5 Mia “Maps” Mizoguchi: Featuring Gotham Academy But Leaving Her Out Doesn’t Make Much Sense

While Gotham Academy has shown up in Young Justice, one of the school’s most beloved students has yet to make her way to the show. Mia “Maps” Mizoguchi was originally introduced in 2014’s Gotham Academy series by Becky Cloonan, Brenden Fletcher, and Karl Kerschl. While that series and its follow-up, Gotham Academy: The Second Semester, didn’t last long, the character of Maps has proven to have a diehard fanbase.

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Maps, along with Olive Silverlock and a few other classmates, is a founding member of the Detective Club, a group put together to investigate the mysteries of Gotham Academy. Most recently, it was revealed that Maps would be showing up as Robin in the revived series Batman: Black and White.

4 Amethyst: Joining The Show Would Coincide Nicely With Her Upcoming Graphic Novel

Amethyst Princess of Gemworld by Adam Hughes

The Princess of Gemworld, Amethyst recently joined Young Justice in the comics after the newly reformed team helped her save her world from Dark Opal. The child of a Lord of Order and a human, Amethyst has the capability to become one of the most powerful beings in the universe and has already shown herself to be highly skilled in magic and hand to hand combat.

Amethyst has been a character DC has continued to try and find an audience for, and since her return in the Young Justice comics, DC has given the character her own miniseries and a young adult graphic novel set to be released in November 2021.

3 Teen Lantern: About To Become A Key Character In The Green Lantern Mythos

Keli Quintela is an eleven-year-old girl who found alien technology that allowed her to hack into the Green Lantern Power Battery. As Teen Lantern, Keli joined Young Justice without actually understanding how her powers worked, but quickly became an important member of the team.

Teen Lantern is set to play an important role in the upcoming Green Lantern series by Geoffrey Thorne and Dexter Soy, which will focus on the Green Lantern John Stewart as he and the Green Lantern Corps figure out their place in the United Planets. With a great design, Teen Lantern could be a wonderful addition to Young Justice: Phantoms.

2 Supergirl: Her Arrowverse Show Ending Makes It The Perfect Time For Her To Join Another Series

Supergirl and Krypto love

While Superboy has played a major role in the Young Justice animated series, another Kryptonian has been suspiciously absent: Supergirl. This may have been due in part to Supergirl having her own show in the Arrowverse, but that didn’t stop the whole Flash Family from showing up, so why would it stop the Girl of Steel from coming by?

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Either way, with Supergirl’s show coming to an end, now is as good a time as any to bring her to Young Justice, and with the season being dubbed “Phantoms” it could be connected to the Phantom Zone, which would be all the more reason to include another Kryptonian in the story.

1 The Signal: A Rising (& Powerful) Star Within The Bat-Family


The leader of the We Are Robin movement, Duke Thomas became a vigilante after his parents were murdered by the Joker. His abilities not only as a fighter but as a leader brought Duke to the attention of Batman, who offered to train him further.

Duke took on the name The Signal and became Batman’s newest sidekick. During Dark Nights: Metal, Duke learned that he has photo-kinetic powers, making him one of the most powerful members of the Bat-Family. While a number of Batman-related characters have appeared in Young Justice, The Signal would stand out as being vastly different than Robin, Orphan, or Batgirl.

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