Daredevil has faced many physically imposing adversaries, but one of his classic villains almost broke him without even moving.

By any measure, Daredevil is one of the most resilient heroes in comic books. Matt Murdock’s inner strength accounts for why so many dangerous villains are so intimidated by him. Even so, people like The Kingpin feel challenged to pit Murdock against some lethal foes. One of these deadly adversaries, however, almost destroyed Daredevil without moving a muscle.

Following the dour events of “Shadowland,” Matt Murdock returned to New York with a new lease on life. Rather than allowing the darkness in his life consume him, Daredevil decided to embrace a more optimistic outlook for a change. Despite this resolution, it wasn’t long until external forces began to play with Matt’s life once again throughout 2011’s Daredevil series, by Mark Waid and Chris Samnee.

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Daredevil’s first major trial came when he was abducted by Klaw, The Master of Sound. The Black Panther villain held Matt prisoner until The Man Without Fear managed to escape and defeat him. Of course, Daredevil couldn’t help but overhear that Klaw was working with others. Demanding to know who Klaw was working for, Murdock, unfortunately, found no answer.

Over time, Daredevil’s sanity came into question. Mysterious, shadowy figures kept watch over Murdock, disappearing before anyone else could see them. More seriously, Matt’s partner, Foggy Nelson, discovered the bones of Matt’s father, Jack Murdock, in his desk drawer. This stunning revelation fractured Matt’s relationship with Foggy, who showed deep concern for his friend’s psyche.

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To make matters worse, Matt came home one night to find his ex-wife, Milla Donovan, laying in his bed. This was deeply troubling, considering that Milla was supposed to be in a mental institution. Before Matt could get anyone to believe this story, Milla was found back in her padded cell, as if nothing had happened. In truth, Milla was teleported to Matt’s apartment by The Coyote, a new villain and smuggler. The Coyote had kidnapped The Spot and exploited his powers to run his own smuggling enterprise. When Daredevil fought The Coyote, he also revealed that he was working for someone else. This mysterious employer also hired The Coyote to place Jack Murdock’s remains in Matt’s office. Naturally, Matt wasn’t able to get answers from The Coyote either.

Shortly thereafter, Daredevil encountered a horde of blinded individuals, along with a group of blind dogs sent to attack him. Apparently, someone had been experimenting on others and attempting to recreate Daredevil’s radar-sense. One subject succeeded in acquiring Matt’s powers: Ikari. This new assassin stole Jack Murdock’s boxing jacket, attacking Daredevil in a costume similar to The Man Without Fear’s. During an intense fight, Daredevil found that Ikari not only had all of his abilities, the assassin could also see. With this advantage, Ikari defeated and humiliated Daredevil.

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From this point forward, Matt went on the run from his enemies. Everywhere he went, it seemed that Matt was being followed by Ikari and his mysterious benefactor. Matt became extremely paranoid, attacking anyone who seemed like a threat. Ikari manipulated Matt by speaking loudly enough that only Daredevil’s senses could receive his voice.

After a mad dash through New York’s streets, Matt sat with Foggy and decided to figure things out. Recapping recent events by drawing several deadly circles, Matt was stunned to see his drawing from a bullseye. Realizing that his old nemesis Bullseye was behind everything, Daredevil tracked the hitman to his headquarters.

Once there, the Man Without Fear found Lady Bullseye accompanying her boss, who sat in an iron casing. Murdock had nearly killed Bullseye during “Shadowland,” but Lady Bullseye saved him. A severely injured Bullseye then orchestrated Daredevil’s destruction from his clock-tower headquarters.

When Daredevil confronted him, Bullseye revealed that he was holding Matt’s loved ones hostage. Fortunately, Matt had his fellow heroes keeping an eye on his friends, allowing Daredevil to spring into action. The Man Without Fear fought and defeated Ikari and Lady Bullseye. Bullseye himself fell into a vat of chemicals, which landed on his eyes. Although Matt tried to save him, Bullseye was blinded just as Daredevil was many years before. While he did lose, Bullseye still nearly broke Daredevil without budging.

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