The Immortal Hulk #43 has just revealed Joe Fixit’s big plan to stay undercover in New York as the authorities hunt Bruce Banner and the Hulk.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for The Immortal Hulk #43 by Al Ewing, Joe Bennett, Ruy José, Belardino Brabo, Paul Mounts and VC’s Cory Petit on sale now.

With the Devil Hulk being dragged to the One Below All’s hellish realm, Joe Fixit is really in a bind. He doesn’t have Bruce Banner’s brain to rely on, so it’s up to his wits and street smarts as he traverses New York and tries to stay off the radar in The Immortal Hulk #43.

He can’t even call on the Grey Hulk; he only has an emaciated version of the Jade Giant left behind and has to take care of him like a little kid. However, Joe is finding life easy as he has a special secret when it comes to staying undercover.

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Now, Joe’s rocking that trucker vibe: a thin m0ustache, a pseudo-mullet and a sense of style that was informed by the streets of Las Vegas. Beween his nondescript face, sunglasses and brightly colored clothing, it’s the perfect way to blend in while looking middle-class enough to ignore. But he admits it’s the facial hair that does the job, because with a clean-shaven Bruce, it’s easy to spot him from the news or bulletins. It’s also why he knows that the businessman he pickpockets won’t be able to describe him.

He just has that kind of forgettable face which is why Joe loves the stubble, scruffy look as no one’s going to think twice when looking at him. He’s disarming enough, plus with his repulsive attitude, people just want to ignore him. While the moustache has the effect of a mild-mannered Clark Kent putting on glasses and not looking Superman anymore, but by complementing his sleazy vibe and slouching frame with his obnoxious behavior, Joe transforms Bruce Banner’s familiar visage in his mind, becoming an unrecognizable man on the streets of New York.

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That’s why Joe hits on a saleslady in a jewelry store, encouraging her to immediately try to erase him from her mind. It’s a calculated move that shows how Joe knows to work people’s minds, using their own stigmas against them, all so he could benefit and stay hidden in plain sight.

The icing on the cake comes after his credit card spree, which allows him to pawn the items. The pawnshop owner sees Joe as another scumbag, so he’s quick to get him out of the establishment. The fact Joe has no I.D., strong negotiating skills and has a bad attitude helps things along, since both parties know this deal will stay off the books.

To top it all off, Joe even asks the pawnshop owner to book him in as Mr. Grey. When the man asks if the first name is Christian, Joe hints that it is, poking fun at the male lead of the erotic blockbuster Fifty Shades of Grey.

Between all of these things. Joe Fixit makes himself out to be a truly repulsive individual who the people around him actively want to forget, which gives him a perfect disguise.

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