HBO’s 30 Coins brought back a familiar demonic face that doom Pedraza and the rest of the world.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for 30 Coins Episode 6, “Holy War,” now airing on HBO.

When HBO’s 30 Coins shed insight into the past of Father Vergara, viewers saw a demon he met during his seminary tenure studying in Rome. He and Sandro were taken to meet Angelo, someone possessed by an upper-level creature from hell, which led to Fabio transforming into the evil Cardinal Santoro.

Since that time, Angelo disappeared and has only appeared to Vergara in hallucinations. However, he’s returned in the one location the heroes wanted to avoid — Pedraza. That’s because the Judas coin is now en route to him, giving the cult the final piece of their apocalyptic puzzle.

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Throughout the season, the town’s hermit, Antonio, has known about all the dark events transpiring, speaking to voices from the Cainites. The sinister cult has been using him to spy on the town, and now, when a couple of cops from Madrid come to investigate all the strange occurrences, Antonio’s found walking through the streets in the evening warning that someone’s coming.

Everyone believes he’s a madman, but the cops think there’s something more — until they hear all his supernatural stories about angels and demons. However, they spot someone approaching the town and go to meet him. It turns out to be Angelo, who’s here as the new priest sent by the Bishop of Segovia. Pedraza apparently called for one after Vergara went missing in Rome, but sadly, no one knows the danger Angelo poses.

Apart from his evil look, he has abilities on the level of the Cardinal, as seen when he set Sandro on fire in front of Vergara years ago. He’s like a magician, which is no surprise because they’ve been using Christ’s writings to enhance their powers, but what makes him really dangerous is the timing’s perfect for him. The cult has Vergara waiting to be executed in Syria, while Elena’s broken and bringing the lost Judas coin back to town.

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She doesn’t know Vergara’s gone and that Paco is at his lowest, hurt over losing Elena and the dissolution of his marriage and political career. To put it simply, the town’s as vulnerable as ever, which means Angelo can manipulate everyone and trick Elena.

Only Vergara knows his face and he’s millions of miles away, meaning Fabio is closer to his goal. All he and Angelo need is this final coin and they’ll have what they need to bring about the end of days and rebuild the world. Hopefully, Angelo doesn’t do too much damage, especially since he likes to mix business with pleasure and could be up for some bloodshed before he gets the relic from Elena. He’s already shown how much he hates humanity, and with such a religious town, he has a lot of fodder.

Starring Eduard Fernández, Megan Montaner, Miguel Ángel Silvestre, Macarena Gómez, Pepón Nieto and Manolo Solo, 30 Coins airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on HBO and is also streaming on HBO Max.

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