From the beginning of Naruto, fans learn that Kakashi is a prodigy. The splendid ninja’s name is recognized all over the world and feared by the enemies of the Hidden Leaf. Kakashi graduated from the academy at age 5, and his increase in strength was to be expected. He has mastered the Sharingan, learned thousands of jutsu, and possesses a keen intellect to aid him in battle. The man has no weaknesses, something that makes him almost unbeatable. Almost.

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Despite his talent, there are other ninja capable of taking on Kakashi. Some possess incredible chakra levels, unique kekkei genkai, or inhuman physical abilities that Kakashi just can’t match. But even when Kakashi looks to be defeated, he somehow finds a way to win.

8 Kakashi vs Zabuza: Zabuza was defeated thanks to Kakashi’s mastery of his Sharingan

Naruto Zabuza

A significant moment in Naruto, the introduction of Zabuza presented fans with the first ninja to go toe-to-toe with Kakashi sensei. Zabuza is one of the fabled Seven Ninja Swordsman Of The Mist. Extremely vicious, Zabuza killed over one hundred students in training, giving him a ruthlessness that some ninja lacked.

In terms of skill, the jonin was on par with Kakashi, matching him in taijutsu and using his mastery of mist and water to trouble the hidden leaf ninja. Undoubtedly a worthy opponent, Zabuza was defeated thanks to Kakashi’s mastery of his Sharingan.

7 Kakashi vs Gozu: Kakashi formulated a perfect strategy to defeat Gozu, proving that brains are sometimes better than brawn

Another troublesome disciple of Orochimaru, Gozu was a ninja possessing incredible physical strength. During his battle with Kakashi, Gozu enhanced his physical attributes with his ninja abilities to initially overwhelm the leader of team 7. The leaf jonin seemingly had no answer to Gozu’s relentless attack and he quickly grew tired whilst on the defensive.

However, Kakashi is an expert at pinpointing others’ weaknesses whilst covering his own. Thanks to that brilliant analytical mind, Kakashi formulated a perfect strategy to defeat Gozu, proving that brains are sometimes better than brawn.

6 Kakashi vs Kakuzu: Kakashi was able to take advantage of Kakuzu’s arrogance

A member of the notorious group known as the Akatsuki, Kakuzu was a bit of a legend. The villain once fought the first Hokage and survived, undoubtedly a testament to Kakuzu’s skill and strength. The rogue ninja was close to immortality, possessing several hearts that needed to be destroyed for him to die.

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Additionally, Kakuzu was one of the few ninja that had mastery over all the natural elements and used this to bring Kakashi close to defeat. However, he hated teamwork and arrogantly believed he could defeat anyone. Because of this, Kakashi was able to defeat him, thanks to a plan formulated by Shikamaru.

5 Kakashi vs Deidara: Kakashi introduced fans to kamui, an ability of his Mangekyou Sharingan

Deidara Naruto Shippuden

A powerful Akatsuki member, Deidara had unique abilities that made him a difficult opponent. Possessing an explosion release kekkei genkai, Deidara could combine earth and lightning release to make incredible explosions. His firepower combined with his intelligence meant Deidara was a match for almost anyone.

Kakashi struggled in this battle, due to the talent of his opponent but also because he was trying to control Naruto at the same time. Kakashi had to dig deep into his arsenal of jutsu in order to stay alive. Just as victory seemed unlikely, Kakashi introduced fans to kamui, an ability of his Mangekyou Sharingan, and wounded Deidara, forcing him to retreat.

4 Kakashi vs Kabuto: as a master of deception, Kabuto was using a separate body to distract Kakashi

Kabuto Yakushi Smiling Naruto

A brief but brilliant battle, fans initially believed Kabuto was a below-average ninja, struggling to pass the Chunin exams after several attempts. Of course, this turned out to be a ploy and Kabuto was in fact one of the more talented of Orochimaru’s disciples. Easily dispatching several ANBU ninja, Kabuto attempts to kill Sasuke before Kakashi interrupts.

The Sharingan user then disarms Kabuto, pinning him to the floor. An easy Kakashi victory. Or so fans thought. But as a master of deception, Kabuto was in fact using a separate body to distract Kakashi, and quickly leaps out of the building revealing his disguise as an Anbu member.

3 Kakashi vs Obito: Evenly matched in skill, the fight ends with Kakashi piercing Obito with his lightning rod

According to a large number of fans, this is the best fight from Naruto. During a time when some ninja possessed god-like powers, this battle was a beautiful dance; elegant, skillful, and highly emotional.

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Kakashi and Obito had a unique relationship, ending with Obito gifting Kakashi his Sharingan moments before his death. Occasionally flashing back to a similar fight they had as children, Obito and Kakashi displayed epic taijutsu and nature transformations. Evenly matched in skill, the fight ends with Kakashi piercing Obito with his lightning rod.

2 Kakashi vs Sasuke: Before fans can see what Kakashi plans to do, Naruto intervenes & the two force Sasuke to retreat

The battle of the Sharingan saw the former student and master go head to head. When Sakura attempts to kill Sasuke, she quickly finds herself outmatched and about to die. Fortunately, Kakashi intervenes, saving one of his pupils whilst fighting another.

Both demonstrate immense ability, seeming evenly matched until Sasuke reveals his Susanoo, proving to his sensei just how far he has come. Before fans can see what Kakashi plans to do, Naruto intervenes and the two force Sasuke to retreat. Although not a perfect win, Kakashi saved the life of his student and that is considered a victory.

1 Kakashi vs Kaguya: Combined with the efforts of the rest of team 7, Kakashi & friends defeated Kaguya & saved the world

Kakshi uses Kamui Lightning Shuriken

Considering Kaguya was a god, it would be difficult to imagine Kakashi being of much use. Sure, he’s talented but Kaguya could literally create other dimensions and manipulate reality. However, before Obito passed on to the other world he left Kakashi one more thing, his other Sharingan.

Now armed with two Sharingans, Kakashi quickly mastered perfect Susanoo. Combined with the efforts of the rest of team 7, Kakashi and friends defeated Kaguya and saved the world. Not bad for a guy with average chakra.

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