The latest Teen Titans romance just got a surprising wrinkle, as it looks like another young hero has romantic feelings for a major DC teen figure.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for the story “A Tale Of Two Titans” from DC: Love is a Battlefield #1 by Marquis Draper, Pop Mhan, Chris Sotomayor & Rob Leigh, on sale now

Love triangles are a constant within superhero team books, with possible romances often cropping up between teammates that can often bring out the best — and worst — in each other. One of DC’s newest romances is only getting more adorable, but in the process unwittingly set up a love triangle that binds the Teen Titans closer to the Flash family of heroes.

After getting together in Teen Titans, Kid Flash and Red Arrow finally went on their first date in DC: Love Is a Battlefield, and the speedster Avery Ho revealed she also has feelings for the young speedster along the way.

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Befitting any team that’s primarily made of hormonal young adults, the most recent Teen Titans series ended with Red Arrow and Kid Flash finally consummating their long-flirty relationship and sharing a deep kiss after the team came together to overcome the mind-control of the villainous Joystick. Although the circumstances of Dark Nights: Death Metal and Future State have kept them from fully realizing their romance, the pair get the chance to enjoy a regular date in “A Tale Of Two Titans.” Both of them prove incredibly nervous for the date, however, with Emiko spending the hours before the meeting checking on their dinner reservation with her fellow former Titan Crush and Wallace hanging out with fellow Flash Avery Ho — both trying to remain calm before the date.

But while Crush proves to be a great friend to turn to just for advice and compliments, it looks like Avery might have more conflicted feelings about Wallace and Emiko going out than she wants to let on. After Avery and Wallace team-up to defeat Mirror Master and Golden Glider — all while Avery gives Wallace a pep talk about much of a catch he really is — Glider is able to quickly guess that Avery has romantic feelings for Wallace. The villain even comments that Avery has more or less been “friend-zoned” by Kid Flash, something the hero can’t help but admit. Later passing by the pair while they’re happily on their date, Avery can only sigh in sadness and move on, leaving Wallace and Emiko unaware of her brief presence.

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Avery is quick to call Wallace her best friend during the story, cementing how close the pair have become as fellow heroes. But it does appear as if her emotions for her fellow speedster run deeper than that. The pair have plenty of history together at this point, working alongside each other as Speedsters with Barry Allen. But while Avery might be his best friend, Wallace spent much of the last Teen Titans run fumbling his way through his feelings for Emiko, and clearly cares deeply about her. And now that their relationship has been realized, it’s unlikely either Wallace or Emiko are going to want to end it anytime soon.

This all sets up the trio to become a major romantic triangle that might dominate the gossip around Titans Academy if it comes to light. It’s a fun piece of character drama for the teen heroes to wrestle with, and the perfect development to — tragically enough — make Wallace’s fate in Future State and the effect it has on both Avery and Emiko all the sadder. Hopefully, the Titans Academy will find a way to prevent those circumstances from happening and allow the trio to sort out their romance in a more human way.

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