WARNING: The following contains spoilers for WandaVision Episode 5, “On a Very Special Episode…,” now streaming on Disney+.

The Twilight Zone was one of the pioneering anthology shows in television history and, to this day, is held in high regard. One of its most famous episodes is “It’s A Good Life,” which even got a sequel in a later revival with “It’s Still a Good Life.” Along with their popularity, the episodes have recently been the basis of Animation_Bat’s theory on Reddit, which claims that WandaVision might recreate the twist in “It’s Still a Good Life” to bring down Wanda’s version of Westview.

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In WandaVision, Wanda creates an alternate reality in the form of a sitcom, one where she’s married to Vision and living the suburban dream. Her life flashes by, as in the span of three episodes the setting goes from the ’50s to the ’70s, and Wanda becomes pregnant and gives birth to twin boys, Tommy and Billy, in the span of a day. She’s also altering the world of Westview, as well as the lives of its residents, forcing them to stay in her perfect reality.

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The story of, “It’s a Good Life” and “It’s Still a Good Life” have some similarities to WandaVision. In the former, six-year-old Anthony Fremont has the ability to read people’s thoughts, isolate the residents from the rest of the world, change things physically and make people disappear into “the cornfield.” The people of Peaksville, Ohio – where he lives with his scared parents – are terrified of him. The episode finds its climax when Anthony’s power is demonstrated, and he turns a man into a jack-in-the-box before making him vanish. Similarly, Wanda has telepathic and reality warping abilities, and she can eject people from Westview, as she does with Monica Rambeau.

the twilight zone it's a good life

In the sequel, “It’s Still a Good Life,” not much has changed, except that Anthony has grown up and has a daughter, Audrey. Like Anthony, she can make things and people disappear, but she can also bring them back. While she ultimately takes her father’s side, she undoes all his disappearances after he begins to feel lonely. Meanwhile, Wanda’s twins exhibit powers, like changing their age, but they aren’t seen to have abilities like Audrey’s.

The connection between the two stories lies in the psychokinetic powers of their protagonists. This is where the Reddit theory comes in. It speculates that one of the twins – most likely Billy since he grows up to become Wiccan in the comics – will inherit Wanda’s powers and supersede them, eventually undoing Wanda’s protective shield, much like Audrey undid her father’s disappearances.

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Another point in the theory is that the original Twilight Zone episode aired in 1961, which is the decade Wanda becomes pregnant. Since “It’s Still a Good Life” aired in 2003, the theory concludes that one of the twins might break WandaVision’s reality once the sitcom enters the 2000s.

While this is a fun theory, there are some issues. WandaVision is not perfectly mirroring The Twilight Zone episodes. Where Anthony and Audrey are clearly portrayed as villains, Wanda is a more gray character, with some members of S.W.O.R.D. (Director Tyler Hayward) thinking she’s the bad guy; meanwhile, others (Monica) believe she is not the villain

Furthermore, Anthony and Audrey’s powers differ from Wanda’s. While all three can alter reality, it varies for each character. For instance, while Audrey can bring something or someone back from the cornfield, Wanda can only alter things physically present, as seen in Episode 5, “On a Very Special Episode…,” so she can’t bring something or someone into existence out of nowhere.

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Furthermore, Billy and Tommy have yet to exhibit any powers that could free the Westview residents or take down the Hex, but they already seem to be out of Wanda’s control at times. If this theory is right, then the twins need to figure things out likely by Episode 7, since the series so far has treated each entry as a new decade, with Episode 4, “We Interrupt This Program,” being an expectation. Episode 6 is likely the ’90s, making Episode 7 the 2000s episode and the decade Animation_Bat predicts the climax will happen, despite the show having nine episodes planned.

The show at large is giving The Twilight Zone vibes, along with its sitcom style, so it wouldn’t be a surprise to learn that these episodes influenced WandaVision in some way. However, with how unpredictable the show has been, it’s unlikely the creative team decided to mirror “It’s a Good Life” and “It’s Still a Good Life” beat for beat. Only time will tell whether this theory is right as the show nears closer to its climax.

Written by Jac Schaeffer and directed by Matt Shakman, WandaVision stars Elizabeth Olsen as Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch, Paul Bettany as Vision, Randall Park as Agent Jimmy Woo, Kat Dennings as Darcy Lewis, Teyonah Parris as Monica Rambeau and Kathryn Hahn as Agnes. New episodes air Fridays on Disney+.

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