The galaxy is in turmoil, and Knull’s forces destroying the universe are bankrupting many, but one New Mutant found a way to capitalize on it all.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for X-Men #17 by Jonathan Hickman, Brett Booth, Adelso Corona, Sunny Gho & VC’s Clayton Cowles, on sale now.

When the leader of the Shi’ar Empire was missing, the X-Men just answered the call from Deathbird and responded to her request for help. . According to Deathbird, the Shi’ar Empire, along with other civilizations, was undergoing a collapse like no other, as societies fell due to the collapse of Marvel’s universal currency.

To make matters worse, Deathbird needed help discreetly finding and rescuing Xandra, the daughter of Professor X and Lilandra. She let the X-Men know that her paramour, Sunspot, told her that they could do this favor for the Shi’ar Empire, and Cyclops agreed the X-Men were the heroes for the job. Not only did they save the majestrix in waiting, but Sunspot found himself extremely wealthy again as the rest of the galaxy found itself collapsing financially in X-Men #17, before giving a large chunk of that fortune away to some needy people within the Shi’ar Empire.

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Sunspot, who is currently living in space with Deathbird, spoke to Cannonball about the X-Men arriving and not asking them to come along, but then immediately got distracted when he received a call from his financial advisors. On Earth, Roberto De Costa has always been extremely wealthy, as the son of a billionaire who inherited his family company after his father’s death. In the past, Roberto has used his wealth to perform impressive feats like buying A.I.M, reform it and use it as support staff for his own Avengers team.

When Sunspot died, he retained his wealth following his resurrection on Krakoa and has now found a way to make even more money in the wake of the decimation of the financial institutions around the universe. Deathbird said that many races, including the Shi’ar, Brood, Kree, Skrull, Wraith, and Kymellian, were watching worlds collapse and the galactic currency implode, threatening the fragile peace that held them together.

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This goes back to Guardians of the Galaxy #8 by Al Ewing, Marcio Takara, Federico Blee & VC’s Cory Petit. In that issue, a Kree warrior was murdered, and Rocket Raccoon realized that the economy-obsessed Profiteer was responsible, but her plan was foiled. The homeworld of Silnius went dark, and it was confirmed the planet was destroyed, as were others, stripped of all life and moments by Kign in Black‘s Knull. Zoralis Gupa of Silnius mentioned that the loss of so many lives affected the galactic economy, now in danger of bankruptcy. The Profiteer gave up on her plans because no global economy meant she couldn’t profit from selling weapons. She knew that all worlds needed to work together to get back on their feet.

Guardians of the Galaxy

In the midst of this, Sunspot found a way to make even more money. When Smasher called Roberto to ask for help, he was in the middle of a call. He asked if her call could wait, even though she was in the middle of a battle to save the majestrix in waiting. Roberto said there was a fire sale going on, and he got some of the X-Corp cash they had diversified and bought everything during this financial implosion, paying pennies on the dollar. However, things were not meant to be. In the end, after the X-Men saved the majestrix in waiting, Deathbird announced that the fortune Roberto just made would be used for the betterment of the Stygian people, much to his dismay.

While Sunspot’s impressive wealth management skills were only part of the story here, it’s not hard to imagine them coming back into play in a major way, either in Marvel’s upcoming X-Corp series or as the cosmos continues to face its economic crisis.

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