Luigi’s Mansion is one of Nintendo’s most beloved franchises. It is also one of its most daring by making Luigi conquer his worst fears.

For years, Nintendo has been releasing games that change what players think about the genre.  While some ideas may not last as long as others, very rarely are they lackluster. A shining example of this has been the Luigi’s Mansion series. The game focuses not only on Mario’s brother, but it also allows him to stand out in the crowd.

Luigi’s Mansion is Nintendo’s attempt to bring family-friendly scares to their consoles and Mario’s world. Where Mario is faced with challenging courses in the Mushroom Kingdom, Luigi must face puzzles and ghosts that love nothing more than to scare him at every turn. The franchise is so iconic no other game has ever even dared to replicate it. Each game in the series proves why Luigi’s Mansion is Nintendo’s most daring franchise.

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Luigi’s Mansion always has a lot to offer when it comes to story. Aside from the countless fan theories, the franchise does a great job playing up Luigi’s cowardice and clumsiness in the story. Where Mario is always confident and sure of himself, Luigi is constantly second-guessing himself with every cautious step. But what makes him so lovable is that he never runs away. He notes his fear and continues to do his best to save those he cares about.

The series never tries to copy what the Super Mario games have to offer. Luigi’s Mansion is about figuring out puzzles and how to defeat enemies. What separates them from Mario’s games is the speed at which the puzzles are solved. Luigi’s Mansion involves a lot of backtracking to continue the story where Mario games are all about thinking fast and in the moment.

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Luigi also lacks power-ups. Instead, it is traded out for the Poltergust, a vacuum that can suck up ghosts. His enemies also come with different challenges that only the Poltergust to solve. Where Mario jumps on his foes or tosses fire at them, Luigi has to remove shields, stun and slam enemies so that the Poltergust can suck them up. The vacuum also makes the environments destructible, and it is very satisfying to see all of the coins or random items get sucked up.

Because Luigi is a great example of how hard it can be to conquer fear, each enemy beaten is usually followed by Luigi cheering himself on. In a way, he is also cheering the player on because together, they could conquer the angry spirits attacking them. Luigi is not only the most relatable hero in the Mario games, but he is also a positive influence and reminds everyone to have faith in themselves even in scary situations.

Luigi doesn’t always get the attention he deserves, but Nintendo does their best to give him the spotlight when they can. Luigi’s Mansion is a timeless classic for the company, and each installment manages to improve on the last. Its puzzles are challenging and gameplay unlike anything ever seen before, and its main character is incredibly loveable. Luigi’s Mansion in Nintendo’s most daring franchise and all it took was a little faith in Luigi.

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