Destiny 2 has a new Vanguard activity to coincide with Season of the Chosen, Battlegrounds, and they’re a great change from usual seasonal activities.

Destiny 2‘s Season of the Chosen introduced a new Vanguard activity for players called Battlegrounds, and they’re exactly what the game needs right now. In an effort to curb the Cabal threat and prevent unification among their forces, players will fight off waves of foes, destroy Cabal technology and eliminate bosses. Battlegrounds are shorter than strikes but offer the same kind of high-intensity three-player fireteam action players expect from a Vanguard activity.

The last time there was a new offering from the Vanguard, it came in the form of Grandmaster Nightfall Strikes. These were first introduced during Shadowkeep and offered players the pinnacle challenge available through Strikes.

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What Are Battlegrounds?

Battlegrounds are a new activity available in Season of the Chosen through the Vanguard Operations menu or by locating them on the map. Right now, there are two Battlegrounds available: one on Europa and another on Nessus. There are two more on the way, due to arrive in the next few weeks.

Each Battleground pits Guardians against swarms of Cabal before reaching a point where three shield generators must be destroyed before progressing. The generators are stopped by bombs enemy Champions and Majors drop; these can be picked up and tossed at a generator much like the now-removed Black Armory Lost Forges activity.

After taking care of the shield generators and progressing further through the Battleground, players will encounter a banner that allows them to start the Rite of Proving. This will summon the Battleground’s boss and take Guardians into the final stage of the activity. The boss will periodically shield himself and summon enemies called Shieldbarrers that must be defeated before the boss can continue to be damaged. Once defeated, players will be rewarded with a chest and a chance to use their seasonal Hammer of Proving to smash Battlegrounds chests and earn Hammer Charges.

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What Battlegrounds Bring To Destiny

Destiny 2 Batllegrounds Reward

Battlegrounds are a breath of fresh air to players who’ve grown accustomed to the standard array of Strikes, Dungeon and Raid content. They stand as a foil to Dungeons, which are more involved than a Strike while still maintaining a Fireteam of three. Battlegrounds are a quicker ordeal that put players into the action right away while still leaving a sense of accomplishment when completed.

The new activity is also directly tied to Season 13’s methods of obtaining gear, Umbral Engrams. Players use the Hammer Charges they receive at the end of a Battleground to ensure their Engram produces loot from a specific pool. Everything works together nicely and gives players plenty of reason to spend time at the Prismatic Recaster located in the new social hub, The H.E.L.M.

Battlegrounds offer a fun, fulfilling and quick way to jump into some content without resorting to the usual half-baked activities that come alongside a new season. That said, the activity is only available to Season Pass holders. While it seems like Battlegrounds may only be available during Season of the Chosen, it’s something that fills a void in Destiny 2 many players may not have even noticed was there.

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