Season 2 of Snowpiercer has a shocking resurrection that may have created a sinister villain that could destroy Layton’s vision.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Snowpiercer Season 2, Episode 3, “A Great Odyssey.”

Season 2 of Snowpiercer threw fans for a loop when Josie was revealed to be alive after it appeared as if Melanie killed her in the first season. As it turns out, she survived being frozen over in an interrogation room and has since been recuperating as a Jane Doe in Second Class.

However, as much as Layton’s trying to reconnect with Josie and get her to buy into his new world order, she’s returned bitter, which could make her the newest villain on the block.

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When Layton visits, Josie’s very contemplative as to what the Eternal Engine should be. She promised Tailies the revolution would bring freedom and democracy, but Layton has put that on pause as Wilford’s back. Still, Josie reminds him they lost over two dozen people while Mel and the elites barely lost any and that the alliance benefits these rich people more.

To rub salt in the wounds, Josie’s a bit distant because Layton’s holed up with Zarah in First. She thinks Layton fell back into his ex after he thought Josie was dead, and while she forgives him, part of her resents Layton because they had just started a romance themselves. All of this is digging at her, and to make matters worse, Mel also took her son, Miles, as a prisoner. To put it simply, the upper cars are nothing but hypocrisy, death and destruction, and it seems Layton’s compromising his Tailie beliefs, which is causing dissent as a class war continues to brew.

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Later on, though, Josie admits she’ll let it slide for the good of the 1,034 cars. She commends Mel for going to the Breslauer Weather Station in the Rocky Mountains to figure out how to save them and restart society on land. It seems like Josie wants them to be free of Wilford’s Big Alice, but as she looks at her scars in the mirror, one can tell she has ulterior motives. There is obviously still some resentment there toward Mel, and as bits of her psyche break, that feeling extends to Layton and his supporters as well.

Josie doesn’t even want Miles to see her, which makes it seem like she’s faking this nice persona, biding time and keeping the rage inside until she gets the right moment to rally her people. Sadly, this strategy might involve going after Layton, meaning there’s another civil brewing on the train.

Snowpiercer stars Jennifer Connelly, Daveed Diggs, Alison Wright, Mickey Sumner, Susan Park, Iddo Goldberg, Katie McGuinness, Lena Hall, Annalise Basso, Sam Otto, Roberto Urbina, Sheila Vand and Jaylin Fletcher. The series airs on Mondays at 9pm ET/PT on TNT.

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