The character of Batman can be quite brutal in his quest for justice but one thing he doesn’t do is kill. He’ll sometimes make it seem like he’s killed someone but Batman’s one big rule is not to sink to the level of those he fights. Justice and death are two different things and Batman wants justice. As one of the most formidable heroes in the DC Universe, it wouldn’t be hard for him to kill his foes.

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However, there’s a whole Multiverse out there- and a Dark one- and those Batmen don’t always hold themselves to the same standards as the main one. Some Batmen have no problem with killing their foes.

10 The Batman Who Laughs Shows No Mercy

The Batman Who Laughs comes from the Dark Multiverse, from an Earth where Batman killed the Joker and played right into his hands. This Batman was infected by a special Joker toxin, losing his mind, killing the Batman family, and everyone else that stood in his way. He would eventually team up with the dark god Barbatos and later Perpetua, trying to infect the entire Multiverse with his madness.

The Batman Who Laughs chalked up some impressive wins against the heroes of the main Earth but was ultimately defeated in his last scheme. His body count, though, is incalculable.

9 The Dark Knights Went Too Far In Their Pursuit Of Justice


The Dark Knights were various Batmen from Dark Multiverse worlds that went too far in their pursuit of justice and ended up becoming killers. Each Batman would use plans they made against their Justice League, taking the power of one of the Leaguers and killing the rest. Some of the most powerful beings from the Dark Multiverse, they acted as the Batman Who Laughs and Barbatos’s shock troopers.

The Dark Knights were able to give the Justice League a run for their money- Batman with superpowers and no morals is one of the scariest things that anyone can imagine and the Dark Knights were a grave threat.

8 The DCEU Batman Was Altered Due To The Goal Of Making A Grittier Version Of The Character

The DCEU suffered from a case of the grimdarks in its early existence and one of the grimmest and darkest parts was Batman. Batman of the DCEU may have been a less violent hero before Joker killed Robin- that’s the implication- but the ones that fans saw in Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice had no problem with killing. The sequence with the Batmobile proves this; there’s no way any of those guys survived.

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Add to that the battle to get Martha- some of those guys definitely died of their injuries- and Batman had no problem with his enemies dying.

7 Omega From Batman: Last Knight On Earth Embraced The Darkness Within

Omega Cropped

Technically, this one is an alternate apocalyptic future of the main DCU, but it counts. In this future, Batman awoke to a world smashed by a villain called Omega, one who had defeated the heroes of the Earth and transformed things into a wasteland. Batman, with the living head of the Joker, teamed up with the remaining heroes to battle Omega and take the world back.

However, it was revealed that Omega wasn’t some villain at all but the actual Batman, with the one readers had been following a clone, one that was a failsafe Batman had built into things years ago. Omega killed a whole lot of heroes in his time on top, having embraced the darkness within.

6 Batman From JLA: The Nail Was Pushed Too Far By The Joker

JLA: The Nail was a late ’90s Elseworlds story that was about a world where the Kents got a flat tire and never found baby Kal-El. Many things in the world were the same, such as Batman being a member of the Justice League. However, a secret villain was working behind the scenes, gifting villains with Kryptonian tech and one of those villains was the Joker.

Joker went on a rampage and Batman tried to stop him, but the Joker’s Kryptonian weapon was just too much for Batman. After forcing Batman to watch him kill people as they begged for their lives, Batman ended up breaking his neck in front of a crowd of people, marking him as evil in the eyes of the people of Gotham and leaving him a marked man.

5 Flashpoint Batman Proved How Dangerous A Batman Without Morals Could Be

The world of Flashpoint was very different from the regular DC Universe and one of the biggest changes was Batman. Instead of Thomas and Martha Wayne being killed, it was Bruce that died that night, driving his parents down very different paths- Thomas would become Batman and Martha the Joker. Thomas Wayne as Batman would be a much different Batman than his son, one who had no qualms about killing.

Eventually, he would come to the regular universe and team up with Bane to force his son to stop being Batman by any means necessary. He would fail in this mission but still proved how dangerous a Batman without morals could be.

4 Leatherwing Embraced Nazi Idealogy

Earth-10 was a world where the Nazis won WWII, thanks to Superman landing in German territory. There was still a Justice League, but they served the Reich, ensuring their power over the world even after Hitler’s death. Leatherwing was the Batman of this universe, a skilled and brutal man who embraced Nazi ideology to the fullest.

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Leatherwing and the Nazi Justice League had no problems killing the enemies of the Reich. Nazi Batman isn’t something anyone wants to deal with and Leatherwing did a great job of proving that.

3 Batman From Superman: Red Son Terrorized Superman’s Regime

Batman Red Son

In Superman: Red Son, Superman landed in Russia and become the Soviet Superman, taking over for Stalin when one of his illegitimate sons killed the Russian leader. This same son killed Batman’s parents and caused him to become an enemy of the state. Batman would terrorize Superman’s regime, killing soldiers and making life difficult for Superman.

He was able to trap Superman using red sun lamps after tying up Wonder Woman with the Lasso of Truth. However, Wonder Woman snapped the Lasso, a move that would have grave consequences for everyone, and captured him. While he was lobotomized and transformed into a “Superman Robot”, his example would inspire others to fight back against the Soviet Man of Steel.

2 Vampire Batman Slaughtered His Foes Without Hesitation

Batman Elseworlds Red Rain

In Batman & Dracula: Red Rain, Batman would battle the Prince of the Vampires, becoming a vampire in order to beat him. This would set into motion a series of events that would see Batman kill the Joker, get staked by Alfred and Jim Gordon, then get resurrected during a crime wave. This time he would slaughter his foes, embracing the darkness within.

Two-Face and Killer Croc would team up against him, but until then, Batman would be the kind of dark creature of the night he never even dreamed he could be. His vampiric powers and bloodlust made him even more of a danger, one who had no problem killing.

1 Batman 1989 Wasn’t Bloodthirsty But Did Not Lose Sleep Over Foes Dying

In 1989, Batman hit theaters and fans loved it. Michael Keaton surprised everyone with just how good of a Batman he could be and fans loved Tim Burton’s goth chic Gotham City. Jack Nicholson stole the show as the Joker and all and all, it remains one of the best superhero films ever made.

While he wasn’t overly bloodthirsty, Batman didn’t have much problem with his foes dying in their battles. This is a man who put machine guns on the Batmobile after all. His final battle with Joker would see him kill the Clown Prince of Crime. While he didn’t have a lot of choice in the matter, he didn’t lose a lot of sleep over it.

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