The relaunch of Milestone Comics will reframe the ‘Big Bang’ event that led to the birth of several metahumans as a police brutality protest.

When it launches its new wave of titles later this year, Milestone Comics will provide an update to one of the most influential events of the Dakota Universe.

The “Big Bang” — an event that granted metahuman powers to several residents of Dakota including Virgil Hawkins/Static — is now referred to as “the police-brutality protest that unleashed a sudden wave of superpowers in the city of Dakota.” The first look at the new Big Bang was shown during the Milestone Returns one-shot, where Virgil attended a Black Lives Matter protest that resulted in police officers dispersing cans of quantum vapor that left him and others with superpowers.

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In the original Milestone Universe, the “Big Bang” was the fallout from a massive battle between several of Dakota’s gangs. Virgil attended the fight, intended to shoot his tormentor Biz Money B, who would eventually become the fire-slinging Hotstreak. In addition to Static, several metahumans or “Bang Babies” were born, including the superpowered gang known as the Blood Syndicate.

Milestone will launch its new wave of digital-first miniseries under the “Milestone Mondays” digital publishing initiative, starting with an extended edition of Milestone Returns #0 on Feb. 26th. Static will receive his own digital miniseries starting on April 12, with Icon & Rocket and Hardware also slated to receive new series. The Milestone relaunch is being overseen by Reginald Hudlin and Milestone founder Denys Cowan.

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