In the latest issue of Snake Eyes: Deadgame, the iconic member of the G. I. Joe team uses an equally iconic and vastly powerful weapon.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Snake Eyes: Deadgame #4, by Rob Liefeld and Chad Bowers on sale now.

Snake Eyes is one of the most lethal and formidable members of the G.I. Joe team. But even he needs some extra help when it comes to fighting ancient ninja wizards from millennia past, and in the latest issue of Snake Eyes: Deadgame, the titular soldier gains the power of one of the most powerful weapons in the world.

Snake Eyes has traveled to Eismitte, Greenland in search of a mythic weapon that will help level the playing field in his battle against Kirigun. As Snake Eyes travels alone through the ice and snow he is attacked by a horde of undead warriors. They speak to him, telling him of how they met their demise in the frigid wilderness. Undaunted, Snake Eyes engages them in battle and cuts them down. As soon as the last warrior falls, an even greater opponent appears: a giant polar bear that Snake Eyes also manages to defeat.

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Unbeknownst to Snake Eyes, a great force had been watching his every move upon his arrival in Greenland. Thor, mighty god of thunder, reveals himself to Snake Eyes and commends him on surviving his battles. He sees Snake Eyes as a true warrior, one worthy enough to be given his strongest weapon. Thor smashes the ice that Snake Eyes stands on, sending him beneath the surface of the freezing water. As he sinks, Snake Eyes catches sight of his goal: Mjolnir, the magical hammer once wielded by Thor himself. Snake Eyes takes hold of the weapon and swims back to the surface.

The amount of power that Snake Eyes now wields is immeasurable. For reference, this is the same weapon that Thor in the Marvel Universe wields. Marvel’s Mjolnir is capable of conjuring and controlling storms, matter manipulation, teleportation, and energy projection. In the Marvel Universe, such a weapon would be cataclysmic if held in the wrong hands. To ensure that can never happen, Odin cast a spell on Mjolnir that only those worthy of its power may wield it.

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As Snake Eyes has only just found the mighty weapon it is too early to say if his world’s Mjolnir possesses all of the same immense powers as Marvel’s does. While Snake Eyes should not expect to channel the Power Cosmic or create wormholes he should expect to wield a weapon capable of felling the greatest of foes. Channeling lightning, gaining the power of flight, and being able to summon the weapon back to his hand are more likely some of the powers that Snake Eyes has at his disposal with his version of Mjolnir.

But the biggest difference between Snake Eye’s Mjolnir and Marvel’s is that there is no spell of worthiness cast on his. While Thor did acknowledge him as a worthy warrior that was more of a personal judgment than a spell cast on the weapon itself. As Kirigun, Baroness, and Destro all converge on Snake Eyes mere moments after he resurfaces with Mjolnir, the prospect of such a powerful weapon falling into the wrong hands becomes very real. If Cobra gains control of such a weapon the consequences for the entire world would be disastrous. Even if Snake Eyes’ version of Mjolnir is not as powerful as Marvel’s he still has a supremely potent weapon at his disposal. As yet another great battle looms over him, Snake Eyes is set to fight like he never has with a weapon no mortal has ever wielded.

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