DC Comics revealed an all-new design for Milestone’s flagship character Static, as well as his archenemy Hotstreak, from artist Nikolas Draper-Ivey.

DC Comics released new character designs for Milestone‘s flagship character Static and his pyrokinetic archenemy Hotstreak.

The designs were also posted on Twitter by artist Nikolas Draper-Ivey, who designed Static’s new costume. Draper-Ivey wrote, “Thrilled to say that I’ve contributed to the MILESTONE RETURNS one-shot that’s out on [Feb. 26] — I’ll be involved in the NEW relaunch going forward. More announcements on the 26th!!”

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Both Static and Hotstreak have an anime-inspired flair to their designs, with flames leaping from Hotstreak’s head and Static’s dreadlocks twisted into a bun most associated with samurai. Draper-Ivey has been open about the influence anime has had on his work, citing Death Note artist Takeshi Obata as one of his major influences.

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In the original Milestone canon, Francis Stone — or “Biz Money B,” as he preferred to be called — was a racist bully who frequently tormented Virgil Hawkins. Virgil intended to kill Stone at a local gang fight, but the “Big Bang” happened and both boys were subjected to quantum vapor which gave them metahuman powers. As Static, Virgil can manipulate electromagnetic energy while Stone has pyrokinesis and superhuman speed as Hotstreak.

DC will launch its digital-first Milestone series starting with an extended version of the Milestone Returns one-shot on Feb. 26. Static will receive his own digital miniseries on April 12.

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Source: Twitter

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