Two members of the Guardians of the Galaxy just gave the students of Doctor Strange’s Strange Academy a lesson they’ll never forget.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Strange Academy #8 by Skottie Young, Humberto Ramos, Edgar Delgado, and VC’s Clayton Cowles, on sale now.

The students of Strange Academy have been facing a lot of challenges lately, not the least of which was an ancient race of tree-like beings bent on consuming them and their mystic energies. Thankfully, the faculty were there to help them get back as safely as possible, though that doesn’t mean everyone has been recovering easily.

For many of the students, there has never before been a better time for a vacation, and though they aren’t going to get one in the usual sense, they will get to visit faraway lands courtesy of a school field trip. As great as that already sounds, it’s made all the better by two Guardians of the Galaxy guest lecturers they’ll be learning from, even if they’re not exactly the best of mentors.

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Professor Kanna has gathered a group of students together for a trip to an alien world where they’ll be meeting up with and following along after special guests Rocket Raccoon and Groot. While the two Guardians of the Galaxy veterans all but guaranteed to be two of the most fun teachers the kids have had, their expertise in the mystic arts is something that, for lack of a better descriptor, just doesn’t exist. As they all trek through the treacherous terrain of the alien jungle, Rocket explains that magic isn’t something relegated solely to Earth or other inherently mystical realms, but rather it’s something that can be found throughout the universe. Even in a strange world where it may or may not have been dropped by a tall, treelike guy while adventuring with his small, furry friend.

It seems that the Mortum Orb, the mystic artifact that the students are on the hunt for, was actually something that Rocket and Groot had been commissioned to find for Kanna several years ago. The two lost it along the way somehow, and now are making good on their promise to bring it to her in the most roundabout way possible. Still, it’s a good way to get the kids out of the school and into some action, even if it is more than they were expecting to see. Inside a cave where the orb should be located, the group is set upon by a massive bird monster known as a Scribbit. The beast with half a dozen beaks full of fangs gives chase with its only slightly less terrifying children right beside it.

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Luckily, Calvin can get in touch with Emily back at the academy, and together with Zelma she can transport all of them home, even the Scribbit which vomits up Iric upon being wrangled to the ground by several Mindless Ones. It’s hard to say exactly what all the kids learned during their extraterrestrial exploration, other than to not wander into strange caves, obviously. Considering what happened when they went into the swamp at night, it’s almost hard to believe they hadn’t already figured that one out. Then again, Rocket Raccoon has never been the best role model, even if he is a natural-born leader. Maybe it’s time for Doctor Strange to focus a little more on the basics for a while.

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