Iron Man has created armor for all occasions, including some to beat his own Avengers teammates, but can metal stop a god?

In many instances, Iron Man has been Marvel’s version of Batman, especially when he prepares to fight his own friends. Just as Batman has plans to beat every member of the Justice League, Iron Man also has contingency efforts to beat his fellow Avengers.

Everyone knows about the Hulkbuster, but there was also a time that Iron Man pulled out the Thorbuster, which was designed to beat Thor. It worked, too, almost stopping the God of Thunder before the two sides eventually stopped fighting and went their separate ways.

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Iron Man’s Thorbuster Armor History

Thorbuster armor

Thor brought Asgard to Earth after his father Odin’s death and placed it above New York City. However, there was terrible violence in the country of Slokovia, and the victims of the country prayed to Thor for his help before they were all murdered. Thor wanted vengeance, so he took Asgardian warriors to Slokovia for revenge. The United States sent the Avengers to stop Thor because they were scared Doctor Doom could launch an attack against the world, believing he was in danger. Iron Man showed up in the Thorbuster armor to battle his friend and stop a World War.

Iron Man has betrayed Thor’s trust more than once. When Thor first joined the Avengers, he became close with his new teammates. However, Tony Stark stole a strand of Thor’s hair and later created Thor’s clone during “Civil War.” What he did with the Thorbuster was similar. Thor brought Tony an Asgardian crystal charged with immense energy so he could study it. Thor believed that this could help Tony come up with a cleaner energy source than what Earth used. However, once again, Iron Man betrayed Thor’s trust. He used it to create armor that could defeat Thor.

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Iron Man’s Thorbuster Armor Powers

Thorbuster vs Thor

It was Doctor Doom’s idea to use the crystal to build the armor. Doom wanted his land of Latveria protected, and since it was next to Slokovia, he had a lot to lose. Stark made the armor, and it slightly resembled the suit of the Destroyer. Thor was angry that Iron Man would use a gift from him as a weapon. A mystical element from Asgard powered the armor, allowing it to support magical energy, and Tony added “Type X” repulsors to boost its punches. It had a uni-beam that fired bursts of energy, and the Asgardian Crystal empowered the armor, allowing it to absorb Asgardian energies. It even allowed Iron Man to stop Mjolnir and swat it away like nothing. On top of it, this was also defensive armor, something that protected Tony Stark from almost anything. However, there was still one thing that could damage the armor.

Iron Man’s Thorbuster Armor Weaknesses

Iron Man in Thorbuster army

There was only one weakness to the Thorbuster armor. While it was able to deflect Thor’s attacks and take the fight to him, it did not do what the armor was made for. The Thorbuster could beat just about anyone, but it could not beat Thor. After the two Avengers beat each other mercilessly, Thor was able to reach in and pull out the reactor with his bare hands and shut the entire armor down. It makes sense that Thor would have a way to beat anything made with the crystal that he gave to Tony Stark. Even though it couldn’t beat Thor, the Asgardian powered Thorbuster armor might still be the most powerful armor that Tony Stark ever built.

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