The X-Men thought the island of Krakoa would unite all mutants together in peace, but Gabby Kinney feels more like the odd one out.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for New Mutants #15 by Vita Ayala, Rod Reis & VC’s Travis Lanham, on sale now.

When the X-Men decided to move the planet’s mutant population to Krakoa, they expected that everyone could live in peace. Too long had they lived in fear of what scared and ignorant humans would do to them. Krakoa was a place where mutants would be free to be themselves. Every kind of mutant, hero and villain was given an opportunity to live in paradise.

Now that the mutants have had time to adjust to life on the island, some are finding that it isn’t exactly what they had hoped for. Some have found the rules of the island restrictive, some mutants have been acting strangely and some have found that their pasts don’t just evaporate in the tropical weather. Gabby Kinney, also going by the code name Scout, had previously been happy in her home, but on Krakoa she cannot find a place that she fits.

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Gabby has a special history that would make it difficult for her to connect to other people, mutants or otherwise. Gabby is a clone of Laura Kinney, who is a lab-made daughter of Wolverine. An evil corporation called Alchemax Genetics created clones of Laura to use as weapons and bodyguards. Gabby was one of the many “sisters” created for this purpose. Since the start of her life, she has been trained to be a warrior with killer instincts. She has one bone claw in each arm and the mutant ability to heal, just like Wolverine. One thing that is different about Gabby is her inability to feel pain.

In her young life, she has already had many trials, including the loss of her sisters. She was also almost killed by an alternate timeline Wolverine. Once, she was turned into a Brood queen, connected to the hive mind of the alien species. Yet through all of her tribulations, she remains a sweet, sometimes naive girl. Since meeting Laura she has bonded with her and wanted to create a family connection. The two got along well in the regular world. Gabby was happy living in Laura’s apartment in New York with her pet wolverine Jonathan.

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Gabby is sweet and humorous while being a little dark. One of her closest friendships has been with the notoriously offbeat Deadpool. When he had to take off his shirt in front of her, Gabby reassured him that he had no reason to be self-conscious about his extensive scarring. After one adventure in the All-New Wolverine series, she cut off her middle finger and gave it to Deadpool as a gift, which he loved.

However, on Krakoa Gabby is having a harder time finding her groove among all of the people that are supposedly supposed to understand her. Gabby tries to bond with her relatives, such as Daken and Wolverine himself, but most are “too busy” for her. Recently, Gabby attempted to spend time with Daken but he wanted to be left alone with Aurora. Trying to find a place to fit in, Gabby volunteered to help the young members of the New Mutants with their training but was admonished by Warpath. He pointed out that her training was done by humans for the purpose of hurting mutants. To be fair, Gabby has more experience than any other mutant her age but was treated like a novice.

For being so young, Gabby has a tremendous amount of life experience that is not understood by most. She finds it difficult to connect with mutants her own age yet she is dismissed by the adults. Krakoa is supposed to be a place to unify, but when some don’t fit in, it makes them stand out even more. Gabby, and maybe others, might be happier back in New York rather than stuck on a misfit island.

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