Thunder Lotus Games revealed a roadmap for free DLC that includes new spirits, additional content and quality of life improvements throughout 2021.

Thunder Lotus Games recently revealed a 2021 roadmap for Spiritfarer, which includes new content, quality of life improvements and new spirits. The DLC will be free to all game owners and come in the form of seasonal updates throughout the year. Players can expect the first update in spring, with two additional in summer and fall.

Spiritfarer is an indie title developed and published by Thunder Lotus Games in which the main character, Stella, takes on the role of ferrying the souls of the deceased to the afterlife. The title received mostly positive reviews upon release. Here’s what players can expect from the free DLC.

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The Lily update is due to release sometime this spring and brings with it an important new spirit in addition to some game improvements. Lily is the spirit of Stella’s younger sister, and she appears as a being comprised of purple flowers and butterflies. As Stella begins to uncover some of her memories while becoming more familiar with her new role as the Spiritfarer, Lily’s flowers blossom over her cabin.

Unlike other spirits, Lily is active during the night. As an illuminating force in Stella’s life, she brings light to the darkness and allows players to navigate their boat in the dark. The Lily update will also introduce a new UI for players looking to experience the game co-op, with the added feature of cooperative fishing.

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Spiritfarer Fishing

Players can expect the Beverly update during the summer, and it’ll bring with it a new set of collectibles, as well as an Archive Room where they can be inspected. The new spirit, Beverly, resides in Oxbury and is none other than Stella’s old neighbor. Beverly has been lonely and cherishes the opportunity to connect with Stella about the past.

Aside from the new collectibles and spirit, Thunder Lotus Games is also planning to implement some quality of life improvements into the game with the Beverly update. No specifics on this have been revealed yet, but those will come as the update nears release.

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Jackie & Daria

Finally, the Jackie & Daria update is due to arrive in the fall. It comes with two new spirits, a new island to explore and a new event. Stella will receive some coordinates for an island that’s home to a run-down hospital. There, she’ll encounter Jackie, a caretaker, and Daria, his patient. Seeing that Jackie is overworked, Stella offers to help the spirit out however she can. There isn’t much more in the way of details for the Jackie & Daria update, but we do know there will be new boat buildings and resources for players to enjoy when it’s available.

Spiritfarer has laid out an impressive series of updates that’ll be welcomed by players who’ve already spent some time with the title. Whether a player since launch or someone just getting into the game, there’s something to look forward to throughout 2021 — and it’ll come at no cost.

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