Bane is well-known for breaking Batman, a feat which he nearly replicated against Marvel’s Captain America in Marvel vs. DC.

Although Bane might be famous for his super-strength, he’s not just one of Batman‘s toughest opponents, he’s also one of the Caped Crusader’s smartest adversaries. During the iconic “Knightfall” storyline, Bane systematically attacked the Dark Knight by igniting a crime-wave in Gotham CIty before physically dominating him, an event from which Batman took quite a while to recover.

And a few years later, the DC and Marvel Universes crossed over, and Bane nearly broke Captain America as well.

Captain America fought Bane in DC vs. Marvel #1-2, by Ron Marz, Peter David, Dan Jurgens, Claudio Castellini, Joe Rubenstein and Paul Neary. The Marvel and DC universes intersected when two brothers, who embody a universe, became aware of each other for the first time in eons. Long before, these two siblings fought in a battle that created the multiverse. As a result, Marvel and DC’s respective universes were formed.

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In the explosive aftermath of this conflict, the two entities forgot each other. But when the two entities came together, Marvel and DC’s universes underwent a chaotic series of events. Various heroes and villains from each universe were transported between worlds, confusing everyone, and leading to fights like the one between Captain America and Bane.

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Captain America vs bane

Captain America began this event in the midst of a battle with Hydra. The Sentinel of Liberty was doing quite well, demolishing Hydra’s goons as usual. But suddenly, Steve Rogers vanished, transported him from the Marvel Universe to the DC Universe. Shortly afterward, Captain America was seen in a heated battle with Bane.

Batman’s nemesis mercilessly pounded on Steve’s shield, while Captain America defended himself. Steve warned Bane that he didn’t want to hurt him, although this only seemed to further antagonize the villain. Bane ignored Captain America’s warning, as he simultaneously dodged Captain America’s legendary shield.

Apparently, Steve had missed his shot. A few pages later, Bane was shown holding Captain America over his head, taunting Steve about his failed strategy. After he seemingly threw away his shield, Bane gloated that the Avenger had left himself vulnerable to Bane’s finishing move. Bane was just about to break Captain America’s back over his knee, much like he’d done to Batman years earlier.

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Captain America Stops Bane

Right before Bane could do this, however, Steve’s shield landed on the back of Bane’s head, sending him crashing against the ground. Evidently, Captain America had timed his throw so that his shield would return to knock Bane out. With Bane down for the count, The Sentinel of Liberty boasted that his strategy worked, remarking, “no more backtalk from you.”

Captain America’s shield was the winning factor in this match. If not for Steve’s legendary weapon, it’s uncertain how he would have bested Bane. Indeed, without this shield in play, Bane may have actually managed to break Captain America just like he broke Batman. Steve’s victory demonstrates just how useful his trusty shield can be, and it’s a testament to the kind of trigonometric and geometric calculations that he performs in battle.

This win also shows how enemies like Bane vastly underestimate Captain America as a threat. For one thing, Steve is a master strategist, a trait which was shown when he timed his shield to return and strike Bane down. Additionally, Captain America is an expert marksman, as seen in the well-aimed throw of his shield.

Of course, this battle does not directly compare to Batman’s fight with Bane during “Knightfall.” During this event, Bane had gradually worn Batman down, both physically and spiritually, leading to his defeat. Captain America, on the other hand, went up against Bane in top fighting shape, merely facing an unknown situation. Although these battles aren’t the same, Steve still accomplished an impressive feat by defeating an opponent as ruthless as Bane.

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