Street Fighter V’s final season of DLC includes a surprise sixth DLC character in Eleven. Here’s how the fighter leads to Street Fighter III’s Twelve.

To commemorate the fifth anniversary of Street Fighter V‘s launch, Capcom has confirmed a fifth and final season of DLC for the popular fighting game. From new stages and costumes to previously announced five new characters, the celebrated video game developer is pulling out all the stops to thank the fans for their continued support over the years, including the surprise inclusion of a sixth downloadable fighter to the season.

Known as Eleven, the announcement video for the new character was described as a precursor to Twelve, a playable character from 1999’s Street Fighter III: Third Strike. Twelve was introduced in the final chapter of Street Fighter III as the ultimate sentient warrior in Gill’s G-Project of biological warfare experiments conducted by Dr. Woo and Gill’s brother Urien.

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While Gill deemed the creation of Twelve to be a success and commissioned the production of an entire army of soldiers based on Twelve, the original was given a specific mission: track down Necro, the original test subject in the G-Project, who had escaped with the help of a young girl named Effie. Twelve’s arcade mode ending had the genetic creation back in G-Project cloning lab, with the attending scientists unaware that it had quietly gained sentience and free will beyond Urien’s instructions.

Like Twelve, Eleven is a product of Gill’s Secret Society and the G-Project, albeit cloned using genetic material from plants rather than animals as revealed in Urien’s character arc in story mode. Urien fights an early prototype of Eleven, but he’s disappointed by how weak it is and orders Woo to improve upon the design. Kolin later uses the raw material from the G-Projects cloning experiments to create a cybernetic clone of Charlie Nash, Guile’s best friend who had been killed fighting M. Bison during the Street Fighter Alpha trilogy. Unlike Twelve, Eleven possesses no discernible free will, blindly serving Urien’s orders.

Both Eleven and Twelve take on relatively humanoid appearances, though their pale, bleached bodies are malleable enough to take on virtually any solid form. While Eleven prefers to assume the form of the various Street Fighter V characters, mimicking their posture and moves, Twelve only assumes the form of its opponent for a limited time while performing its Super Art.

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Instead, Twelve opts to transform its limbs into weapons to bludgeon, stab and slice opponents while also demonstrating the ability to become paper-thin and glide across the stage. Twelve is also capable of tactical camouflage, becoming invisible in short bursts at a time while remaining still.

While Eleven may not have been the clone warrior Urien was hoping for to impress his brother, the character is poised to make a big splash among Street Fighter V‘s last wave of DLC fighters. Whether this version of the clone is one that has gained sentience and gone rogue from Urien’s programming or simply released as a thank you to the fans and a nod to Twelve, gamers will soon get the opportunity to battle as Eleven. The game has thrilled millions of gamers around the world for the past five years, and Capcom is closing out its successful run with one the strangest additions to the roster yet.

Developed and published by Capcom, Street Fighter V: Champion Edition is available now for PlayStation 4 and PC. The fifth and final season of DLC begins with the rebalanced game mechanic and release of Dan on Feb. 22.

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