In ABC’s Big Sky, Rick’s memory loss has left many confused, but fortunately, the show’s latest episode solved the riddle.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Big Sky Season 1, Episode 8, “The End is Near,” now available on ABC.

In ABC’s Big Sky, fans have been left torn regarding Rick’s (John Carroll Lynch) memory loss after Cassie shot him upon discovering his human trafficking ring. She, as well as Jenny, thinks he’s faking his amnesia, but admittedly, they’re personally invested and emotional as he killed their former lover, Cody, to cover up his crimes.

However, bit by bit, they discover Rick may well be far gone, and in fact, possibly en route to redemption if he can help find his former business partner, Ron. But as the latest episode reveals in a key moment, it could all be a bait and switch by the former Montana state trooper.

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Cassie and Jenny don’t believe Rick’s lawyer and the doctors that he’s lost his memory tied to the last five years. Cassie even pretends to be a nurse, slipping in and recounting the moments that led to her shooting him point-blank to save the victims, but he’s a blank canvas. Rick’s constantly apologizing for everything, and after passing a lie detector test, Cassie really thinks he’s telling the truth.

Jenny’s still reluctant to buy in, so she slips into his room to remind him what he did to Cody, but Rick just can’t remember. They had some glimmer of hope when it looked like he recognized a victim, Grace, but since then, he’s become a man-child again. Even his wife, Merrilee, admits as much as she’d like for him to confess, it won’t happen. However, things get interesting in the final act when the demented Ron takes another kid, Erik, who found out his whereabouts.

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Merrilee has an emotional moment, pleading for the religious, honest man she married to come back and help find the boy. She tells him she’ll forgive him as long as he can remember where Ron is. Sadly, it’s a tearful failure as Rick can’t process or recall his ex-partner’s identity. But as Merrilee walks off, she hears him tapping his fingers, which appears to scare her.

The episode ends there, but it’s possible this is a tic Rick displays when he’s lying. It seems that he may well have been playing everyone, which is what Merrilee may have realized. If that’s the case, she’ll need to prove it quickly if they want any chance of saving the boy from Ron.

Big Sky stars Katheryn Winnick, Ryan Phillips, Kylie Bunbury, Brian Geraghty and Valerie Mahaffey. It airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.

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