Crystal Skillman and Fred Van Lente’s new audio drama adaptation of their Off-Broadway play about Jack Kirby has now released two episodes.

Last week, Crystal Skillman and Fred Van Lente’s debuted the first part of their four-part audio drama, King Kirby, in association with the Broadway Podcast Network. The audio drama is based on their acclaimed Off-Broadway play of the same name. The second part is out now and you can listen to both parts on here.

The music for King Kirby is done by Bobby Cronin (he previously worked with Skillman on projects such as Mary and Max, Rain and Zoe Save the World, and Concrete Jungle.)

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King Kirby is the story of legendary comic book artist, Jack Kirby, and his life and career. The story spotlights the fact that Kirby’s genius helped give the world characters like the Fantastic Four, Captain America, the Avengers, the X-Men, Thor and the Hulk, but while his characters have become household names, he still does not get nearly the credit that he deserves for his efforts. This is a man who helped literally fight against the Nazis during World War II but long after his passing, he still has to fight for proper credit for his accomplishments.

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The cast of the drama is Steven Rattazzi (who played Dr. Orpheus on The Venture Bros and was one of the stars of the Tony Award-winning Play with music, Indecent) as Jack Kirby, Amy Lee Pearsall as Roz Kirby, Jack’s wife, Joseph Mathers as Kirby’s longtime business partner, Joe Simon, Timothy McCown Reynolds as Marvel owner and publisher Martin Goodman (who had worked with Kirby all the way back in the 1940s when Marvel was called Timely Comics) and Nat Cassidy as Stan Lee. 

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The play and the audio drama was written by the wife and husband team of Skillman and Van Lente, who have also worked together on WebToon’s Eat Fighter. Van Lente, of course, is an accomplished and best-selling comic book writer who is also a comic book historian (and he has his own annual holiday here at CBR). Van Lente’s Comic Book History of Comics was produced with artist Ryan Dunlavey, who provided the cover art for King Kirby (which was used for the feature image for this article).

Episodes are released every Friday. Part 1 was titled “The Spark” while Part 2 is titled “Boy Commando.”

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Source: Broadway World

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