Mass Effect’s Samara is used to fighting alone and getting the job done at any cost as a justicar. That sounds like a Spectre in the making.

Mass Effect depicts a galaxy that is hardly a peaceful and stable place. In this 22nd century setting, many alien empires are feuding across the stars, and roving pirates, raiders, bandits and more always threaten isolated colonies and vulnerable transport ships. That’s why the galactic Council has the Spectres, elite agents who keep the peace by any means necessary.

These Spectres can come from any race, but the militaristic Turians, innovative Salarians and biotically talented Asari seem to make up the bulk of the Spectres’ ranks. It takes a lot to become a Spectre, and the justicar named Samara could easily qualify — if she made a few adjustments first.

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Samara’s Journey Thus Far

Samara was born in Asari space, long before the human Systems Alliance was even founded. She tried to live an ordinary life, partying, going on vacation, having a family and more. Samara got her first taste of combat as a mercenary, but she realized that justice could not be served like this. She aborted a human trafficking operation, and even killed her fellow mercenaries to protect the survivors.

Later, when Samara realized that her three children were Ardat-Yakshi and that the youngest, Morinth, fled, she took action. Samara resolved to give up all worldly possessions and connections, and trained to become an elite justicar. This is the Asari version of a Spectre.

Justicars are wandering monks, dispensing strict justice on wrongdoers on any world. Even the training process to become one is difficult and taxing — possibly even fatal — but Samara became the real deal. She adhered to the lengthy Code to the letter. Samara spent a few centuries using her firepower and biotic talents to destroy violent criminals, terrorist cells, bandit gangs and more, gaining vast experience as she went.

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Samara is not trying to be a noble hero or a legend; she only wants to enforce the Code’s justice and destroy evil by any means necessary. Samara also survived the Reaper war, facing hordes of those cyborg monsters with her extensive talents while upholding the Code the entire time. It seems that nothing can kill Samara, and that’s just the sort of person the Council is looking to recruit.

Samara’s New Code, Spectre Style

Samara’s experience, skills and discipline would endear her to the Council, and after the Reaper invasion is foiled in 2186, Samara could easily be scouted as a Spectre candidate. It’s true that the Justicar Code differs somewhat from the Council’s own needs and rules, but councilor Tevos (herself an Asari) will understand Samara’s position and help her transition from her justicar career to a Spectre career. After all, before the invasion, Samara was only concerned about Asari affairs, such as her own daughter, Morinth.

After meeting Shepard and fighting the insidious Collectors, Samara came to appreciate the true scope of the galaxy and the variety of threats out there. This process continued during the Reaper invasion, when the Reaper fleets threatened not just the Asari, but all of known space. The stakes are higher than ever, and Samara is now used to fighting for the entire galaxy’s sake.

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That’s just what the Council needs in a Spectre, and Samara, who has since freed herself of the burden of Morinth, may be open to the idea of becoming one. She became a justicar for the specific purpose of destroying the powerful rogue Morinth, and with that personal matter resolved, Samara has weaker ties to the justicar cause. It would take her some time to unlearn her Code and justicar ways, but there’s no going back now: she understands that the entire galaxy needs her, and the justicar Code is too rigid and complex for inter-species affairs.

Shepard was once told that no Asari question the ways of the justicar, but other species would feel differently, so Samara would definitely have to abandon the Code. That should be doable, though, and being a Spectre wouldn’t feel that much different than operating as a justicar. Spectres are given near-total operational freedom, just like a justicar, and they can use biotic powers, firearms, vehicles or even subterfuge or diplomacy to resolve an issue.

Samara is quite used to enforcing the peace with violent acts, and if a thuggish agent like Saren Arterius can become a Spectre, then so can Samara. She fears absolutely nothing, and she needs no help from anyone to complete a mission in the darkest reaches of the Terminus Systems. With armies and governments in shambles, the post-invasion galaxy may prove ripe for increased piracy and raids. The Council will need talent like Samara’s more than ever, and she is ready to protect the peace at any cost.

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