Future State: Immortal Wonder Woman just confirmed that Diana will outlast the Justice League and almost everyone else in the DC Universe.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Future State: Immortal Wonder Woman #2 by Becky Cloonan, Michael W. Conrad, Jen Bartel & Pat Brosseau, on sale now

Future State has been teasing the final fates of many major figures from across the history of the DC Universe, with multiple heroes seemingly dying during their most dangerous and final missions. However, it looks like one member of the Justice League makes it to the end of existence itself and turns on the lights for a new universe.

Future State: Immortal Wonder Woman #2 reveals that Wonder Woman will be the final figure in the DC Universe, and her final act will jumpstart a future DC Universe.

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Immortal Wonder Woman has explored not just the final days of Wonder Woman, but of the entire DC Universe. Set eons from the present day, the immortal Diana is one of the last major figures in creation, with the Undoing — the end of all things — spreading across the cosmos and ushering in one final death. Even elemental beings like Swamp Thing and cosmic gods like the denizens of New Genesis have died. Wonder Woman even witnesses the final end for the planet Earth, with Darkseid — the last New God — murdering the final Amazon army before dying in combat with Superman. Superman doesn’t survive the battle either, driving the dark god into the sun and causing a supernova that envelops the two weakened figures and seemingly destroys them both.

Venturing through what remains of the galaxy in search of any life, Diana ends up stumbling upon one last being — the Spectre, residing in the remains of a long-dead Brainiac ship. But with no other souls in the universe, the Spectre’s endless work is finally finished. In the end, Diana chooses to use her Lasso of Truth to help ease Spectre’s passing and helps him fade from the universe. This makes Wonder Woman the last hero in the galaxy, and the final soul in existence. Wonder Woman chooses to fight the Undoing to her last breath, earning a warrior’s death. But as she’s consumed by the darkness, she fights back and with all her godly might creates a massive outpouring of energy, a new big bang that creates a new universe.

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Wonder Woman even lives on in this new universe in a new form as a constellation in the future universe. It’s a powerful ending for Diana and the whole DC Universe, with life continuing on after the end of all things. It gives Wonder Woman a divine conclusion to her story arc, with the hero refusing to ever fall or forget what came before. This transforms Wonder Woman into a core figure in the overall mythology of the DC Universe, with her final act in the dark helping keep life going, even if she’ll never be a bigger part of it.

It also gives Wonder Woman a similar future role that Franklin Richards has in the Marvel Universe. As the son of Mister Fantastic and Invisible Woman, Franklin is a powerful reality warper. Various stories have revealed that after a certain point, he’ll gain such control over his powers that he becomes functionally immortal, and he’ll end up being there at the end of the current universe, only to be reborn into the next one.

Having a character who will see the end and embrace it with open hearts is a fitting piece of the comic universes’ mythologies, and Wonder Woman is the perfect figure to do so, with her powers giving her the ability to survive to the end and her heart inspiring her to keep going until the end.

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